XXIV National Conference of Labour Economics

University of Sassari, 24-25 September 2009

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Lina Gálvez Muñoz (Pablo de Olavide University in Seville)
Inequal: Men and Women in the Financial Crisis
Ronald Schettkat (Schumpeter School of Economics, University of Wuppertal, Germany)
Employment in Europe
SESSION : A.1 Gender and Education Chair : Paola Tanda, ISAE
Chiara Mussida (Prometeia)

(Joint with Massimo Guagnini (Prometeia))
Il rendimento dell’istruzione nelle regioni italiane
Elisabetta Addis (University of Sassari)

Gender and Scientific Excellence: Some Results
Grigorieva Angelina (University of Essex)

Gender Wage Gap in Russia
SESSION : A.2 Determinants of well-beingChair : Tindara Addabbo, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Guido de Blasio (Bank of Italy)

(Joint with Massimo Omiccioli (Bank of Italy))
Homogamy and Fertility
Domenico Tabasso (University of Essex)

With or Without You: Time Use Complementarities and Divorce Rates in the USA
Arantza Ugidos (Universidad del Pais Vasco)

(Joint with Victoria Ateca-Amestoy (Universidad del Pais Vasco))
The Impact of Different Types of Resource Transfers on Individual Well-being
SESSION : A.3 Effects of taxation Chair : Alessandra Del Boca , University of Brescia
Francesco Figari (University of Essex)

From Housewives to Independent Earners: Behavioural Reactions of Italian Women to Changes in the Tax Systemh
Donata Favaro (University of Padova)

(Joint with Tindara Addabbo (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia))
Salario di riserva e attività potenziale
Annamaria Simonazzi (University of Rome La Sapienza)

Home Care and Cash Transfers. Effects on the Elderly Care-Female Employment Trade-Off
SESSION : A.4 Innovative Approaches Chair : Elisabetta Addis, University of Sassari
Monia Trombetta (University of Molise)

(Joint with Massimo Franco (University of Molise))
Il benessere nei luoghi di lavoro: influenza del gender e la teoria cibernetica
Florence Degavre (Université Catholique de Louvain)

(Joint with Andreia Lemaitre (Université Catholique de Louvain))
Articulating Polanyi’s Work with Feminist Economics: Tools to Analyse Third Sector’s Organisations
Johannes Gernandt (ZEW Mannheim)

(Joint with Alisher Aldashev (ZEW Mannheim), Stephan Thomsen (ZEW Mannheim))
The Immigrant Wage gap in Germany
SESSION : A.5 The value of timeChair : Sauro Mocetti, Bank of Italy
Lucia Mangiavacchi (University of Florence)

(Joint with Gianna C. Giannelli (University of Florence), Luca Piccoli (Paris School of Economics))
Size and Value of Unpaid Family Care Work in Europe
Donata Favaro (University of Padova)

(Joint with Tindara Addabbo (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia))
Women's Labour Force Participation and Unpaid work
Valentina Gualtieri (ISFOL)

(Joint with Marco Centra (ISFOL), Andrea Cutillo (ISTAT))
Un'analisi gerarchica sull'inattività femminile in Italia
SESSION : A.6 SatisfactionChair : Gianna Claudia Giannelli, University of Florence
Danilo Cavapozzi (University of Padua)

Do Danes and Italians Rate Life Satisfaction In The Same Way? Using Vignettes to Correct for Individual-Specific Scale Biases
George Saridakis (Loughborough University)

(Joint with Rebecca Muñoz Torres (Westminster University))
Paul Tracey (University of Cambridge), The Endogeneity bBias in the Relationship Between Employee Commitment and Job Satisfaction
Emanuela D'Angelo (Polytechnic University of Marche)

(Joint with Andrew Clark (Paris School of Economics))
Upward Social Mobility, Well-being and Political Preferences: Evidence from the BHPS
SESSION : A.7 Relationship between women's work and migrations Chair : Matteo Bugamelli, Bank of Italy
Catia Nicodemo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Disadvantage and Discrimination of Immigrants in the Spanish Labour Market
Ainura Uzagalieva (CEEAplA)

(Joint with Xavier Chojnicki (CEPII), Randall Filer (CERGE-EI))
Labor Migration from East to West in the Context of European Integration and Changing Socio-political Borders
Guglielmo Barone (Bank of Italy)

(Joint with Sauro Mocetti (Bank of Italy))
Low-skilled Immigration and Female Labour Supply
SESSION : B EES: assessments and prospects
Ronald Schettkat (Schumpeter School of Economics, University of Wuppertal, Germany)
Employment in Europe
SESSION : B.1 Wages and Labour Market: European prospectsChair : Annamaria Simonazzi, University of Rome La Sapienza
Giuseppe Russo (University of Salerno)

(Joint with Rebeca Jiménez-Rodríguez (University of Salamanca))
Aggregate Employment Dynamics and (Partial) Labour Market Reforms
Enrico Marelli (University of Brescia)

(Joint with Marcello Signorelli (University of Perugia))
Lisbon vs. Maastricht: Real and Nominal Convergence in EU Countries
Sergio Destefanis (University of Salerno)

(Joint with Giuseppe Mastromatteo (Catholic University of Milan))
The European Employment Strategy and Labour-Market Performance. Assessing the Cross-Country Evidence
SESSION : B.2 The consequences of labour reformsChair : Renata Livraghi, University of Parma
Alessandra Del Boca (University of Brescia)

(Joint with Maria Laura Parisi (University of Brescia), Sergio Vergalli (University of Brescia))
Sickness Absence in Italy: A Microeconometric Analysis of a Private and a Public Sector Company
Matteo Richiardi (Polytechnic University of Marche)

(Joint with Fabio Berton (University of Piemonte Orientale), Stefano Sacchi (University of Milano))
Una misura monetaria della precarietà dei lavoratori italiani
Simona Comi (University of Milano Bicocca)

(Joint with Mara Grasseni (University of Bergamo))
Are Temproary Workers Discriminated Against? Evidence from Europe
SESSION : B.3 Flexicurity and active labour policiesChair : Maurizio Franzini , University of Rome La Sapienza
Federico Lucidi (Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini)

(Joint with Michele Raitano (University of Rome La Sapienza))
La flexicurity in una prospettiva regionale: verso un modello di analisi
Floro Ernesto Caroleo (University of Naples Parthenope)

(Joint with Carlo Altavilla (University of Naples Parthenope))
Unintended Effects of National-based Active Labour Market Policies
Paolo Naticchioni (Université catholique de Louvain)

(Joint with Silvia Loriga (ISTAT))
Short and Long Term Evaluations of Public Employment Services in Italy
Elena Fabrizi (University of Rome La Sapienza)

(Joint with Alessio Farcomeni (University of Rome La Sapienza), Valerio Gatta (University of Rome La Sapienza))
Work History Patterns Under Different Arrangements. A Case Study for the Italian Labour Market
SESSION : B.4 Education and Human CapitalChair : Francesca Bettio, University of Siena
Dimitri Paolini (University of Sassari)

(Joint with Concetta Mendolicchio (Université Catholique de Louvain), Tito Pietra (University of Bologna))
Income Tax, Subsidies to Education, and Investments in Human Capital in a Two-Sector Economy
Emanuela Ghignoni (University of Rome La Sapienza)

(Joint with Giuseppe Croce (University of Rome La Sapienza))
Employer-provided Training and Knowledge Spillovers. Evidence from Italian Local Labour
Francesco Pastore (Università di Napoli 2)

(Joint with Michele Mosca (Università di Napoli Federico II))
School-to-work Transitions in Italy: A Steeplechase with no Winner?
Cristina Lion (ISFOL)

(Joint with Vanessa Lupo (ISFOL), Paola Stocco (ISFOL))
Organizzazione del lavoro, flessibilità interna e capitale umano “d’eccellenza”
SESSION : C1.1 Trade, collective wage bargaining, labour market imperfectionsChair : Eliana Baici, University of Piemonte Orientale
Marco Guerrazzi (University of Pisa)

Stochastic Dynamics and Matching in the Old Keynesian Economics: A Rationale for the Shimer’s Puzzle
Francesca Francavilla (Policy Studies Institute)

The Effect of Child Labour and Low Education on Adult's Labour Market Experience. The Case of Guatemala
Joanna Tyrowicz (University of Warsaw)

(Joint with Piotr Wojcik (University of Warsaw))
Active Labour Market Policies and Unemployment Convergence in Transition
SESSION : C2.1 Wage gaps and differentialsChair : Paolo Ghinetti, University of Piemonte Orientale
Corrado Andini (Universidade da Madeira)

The Dynamic Mincer Equation: Evidence and Theory
Alessia Matano (University of Rome “La Sapienza”)

(Joint with Paolo Naticchioni (University of Rome “La Sapienza”))
Rent Sharing in Italy: Evidence from Employer-Employee Data
Paolo Ghinetti (University of Piemonte Orientale)

(Joint with Simone Moriconi (University of Piemonte Orientale))
Regional Universities and Wage Outcomes in Italy
SESSION : C2.2 Wage and Income distributionsChair : Alvaro Novo, Banco de Portugal
Giuseppe Rose(Birkbeck College)

(Joint with Patrizia Ordine (University of Calabria))
Inefficient Self-selection into Education and Wage Inequality in Italy
Hilmar Schneider (IZA)

(Joint with Andreas Peichl (IZA), Nico Pestel (IZA))
Demography and Inequality: The Impact of Changes in Household Composition on Income Distribution in Germany
Alvaro Novo (Banco de Portugal)

(Joint with Mario Centeno (Banco de Portugal))
When Supply Meets Demand: Wage inequality in Portugal
SESSION : C3 Structural Change and the Labour MarketChair : Francesco Pastore, University of Napoli 2
Davide Antonioli (University of Ferrara)

(Joint with Rocco Manzalini (University of Ferrara), Paolo Pini (University of Ferrara))
Biased Technological and Organizational Changes: Empirical Evidence for Two Italian Local Production Systems
Piero Esposito (ISAE)

(Joint with Robert Stehrer (WIIW))
Effects of High-Tech Capital, FDI, and Outsourcing on Demand for Skills in West and East
Joanna Tyrowicz (University of Warsaw)

(Joint with Joanna Nestorowicz (University of Warsaw))
Cinicism Starts Young: Age and Entrepreneurship under Transition
Leonello Tronti (University of Rome 3)

Labour Productivity and Growth: the Role of the Bargaining Model
SESSION : C4.1 Migration IChair : Luigi Infante, Bank of Italy
Cristina Cattaneo (Fondazione ENI, Enrico Mattei and University of Sussex)

The Decision to Migrate and Social Capital: Evidence from Albania
Dragos Radu (Policy Studies Institute)

(Joint with Reiner Martin (Oesterreichische Nationalbank))
Return Migration: The Experience of Eastern Europe
Matteo Bugamelli (Bank of Italy)

(Joint with Antonio Accetturo (Bank of Italy), Andrea R. Lamorgese (Bank of Italy))
Immigration and Investment: Some Theory and Evidence on Italian Firm Level Data
Luigi Infante (Bank of Italy)

(Joint with Antonio Accetturo (Bank of Italy))
Skills or Culture? An Analysis of the Decision to Work by Immigrant Workers in Italy
SESSION : C4.2 Migrations IIChair : Giuseppe Russo, University of Salerno
Sule Akkoyunlu (ETH-Zürich)

Are Turkish Migrants Altruistic? Evidence from the Macro Data
Mirko Savić (University of Novi Sad, Serbia)

(Joint with Svetlana Mihajlović Mihić and Dejan Brcanov (University of Novi Sad, Serbia))
Sub Regional Disparities and Directions of Labor Migration in the Region of Vojvodina
Laura Pagani (University of Milano Bicocca)

(Joint with Carlo Dell’Aringa (Catholic University of Milan))
Over Education Among Immigrant Workers in Italy
Sauro Mocetti (Bank of Italy)

(Joint with Carmine Porello (Bank of Italy))
How Does Immigration Affect Native Internal Mobility? New Evidence from Italy
SESSION : C5.1 Employment Contracts and Financial MarketChair : Lorenzo Cappellari, Catholic University of Milano
Anne-Gael Vaubourg (LEO-Université d'Orleans)

(Joint with Donatella Gatti (CEPN-Université Paris XIII))
Unemployment and Finance: How Do Financial and Labour Market Factors Interact?
Adriano Paggiaro (University of Padova)

(Joint with Enrico Rettore and Ugo Trivellato (University of Padova))
The Effect of Experiencing a Spell of Temporary Employment vs. a Spell of Unemployment on the Short-Term Labour Market Outcomes
Lorenzo Cappellari (Catholic University of Milano)

(Joint with Carlo Dell’Aringa (Catholic University of Milano), Marco Leonardi (University of Milano))
Flexible Employment, Job Flows and Labour Productivity
SESSION : C5.2 Labour Market Policies IChair : Riccardo Tilli, University of Rome La Sapienza
Enrico Rettore (Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies)

(Joint with Ivano Bison (Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies), Enrico Rettore (Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies), Antonio Schizzerotto (Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies))
La Riforma Treu e la mobilità contrattuale in Italia. Un confronto tra coorti di ingresso nel primo impiego
Emanuela Ghignoni (University of Rome “La Sapienza”)

(Joint with Marina Capparucci (University of Rome “La Sapienza”), Alessandro Macrì (University of Rome “La Sapienza”), Riccardo Tilli (University of Rome “La Sapienza”))
Riforme del mercato del lavoro e successo della politica dei redditi. Un’esperienza da ripetere?
Joanna Tyrowicz (University of Warsaw)

(Joint with Piotr Wojcik (University of Warsaw))
Nonlinear Stochastic Convergence Analysis of Regional Unemployment Rates in Poland
SESSION : C5.3 Labour Market Policies IIChair : Dimitri Paolini, University of Sassari
Thomas Walter (ZEW, Mannheim)

(Joint with Bernhard Boockmann, (IAW, Tübingen,) Stephan Thomsen (ZEW, Mannheim))
Is the General Use of Benefit Sanctions Really Effective to Activate the Unemployed? Evidence from Welfare Recipients in Germany
Steffen Künn (IZA)

(Joint with Marco Caliendo (IZA))
Long-Term Effects of Start-Up Subsidies for the Unemployed: A Sensitivity Analysis
Joanna Tyrowicz (Università di Padova)

(Joint with Stanislaw Cichocki (University of Warsaw))
Shadow Employment in Transition - A Matter of Choice or No Choice?
Niall O’Higgins (University of Salerno)

(Joint with Francesco Farina (University of Siena), Patrizia Sbriglia (University of Naples II)
Suit the Action to the Word, the Word to the Action: Eliciting Motives for Trust and Reciprocity by Attitudinal and Behavioural Measures
SESSION : C6 Matching e Job search theoryChair : Giovanni Sulis, University od Cagliari
Roberto Bonilla (Newcastle University)

Equilibria in a Model with a Search Labour Market and a Matching Marriage Market
Dario Sciulli (University of Pescara))

(Joint with António Gomes de Menezes (University of the Azores), José Cabral Vieira (University of the Azores))
Dual Labour Markets and Matching Frictions
Stefano Staffolani (Polythcnic University of Marche)

(Joint with Chiara Broccolini (Polythcnic University of Marche), Marco Lilla (Polythcnic University of Marche))
A Search Model in a Segmented Labour Market: the Odd Role of Unions
Giovanni Sulis (University of Cagliari)

Wage Returns to Experience and Tenure for Young Men in Italy
SESSION : C7 EducationChair : Carmen Aina, University of Piemonte Orientale
Lara Antoni (IRPET)

(Joint with Giulia Peruzzi (IRPET), Marialuisa Maitino (IRPET))
Le determinanti dell’insuccesso e dell’abbandono scolastico nell’istruzione superiore: uno studio per la Toscana
Nicolas Hérault (University College London)

(Joint with Guyonne Kalb (The University of Melbourne))
Intergenerational Correlation of Labour Market Outcomes
Fernanda Mazzotta (University of Salerno)

The Effect of Parental Background on Youth’s Unemployment Duration
Eliana Baici (Università di Torino)

(Joint with Carmen Aina (University of Piemonte Orientale), Giorgia Casalone (University of Piemonte Orientale))
Time-to-Degree: Students’ Abilities, University Characteristics or What Else?
SESSION : C8 Human CapitalChair : Orietta Dessy, Catholic University, Milan
La partecipazione ad attività formative professionali aziendali in tempi di crisi economica: una evidenza sperimentale
Cristiana Zanzottera (Vienna University)

(Joint with Martin Zagler (Vienna University))
Do we Need Top PISA Scores for Innovation and Growth?
Francesca Di Patrizio (ISTAT)

(Joint with Martina Lo Conte (ISTAT), Fabio M. Rottino (ISTAT), Azzurra Tivoli(ISTAT))
L'inserimento lavorativo dei diplomati: una misura della qualità del lavoro
Orietta Dessy (Catholic University, Milan)

(Joint with G.S.F. Bruno (Bocconi University), A.M. Falzoni (University of Bergamo), R. Helg (Carlo Cattaneo University))
Estimating Skills in the Italian Manufacturing Sector using the INPS Archives: An Application to the Italian Pattern of Trade
SESSION : C9 .1 Monitoring Job and Workers Flows across CountriesChair : Mario Centeno, Banco de Portugal
Gianna Claudia Giannelli (University of Florence and IZA)

(Joint with Ursula Jaenichen (IAB, Nürnberg) , Claudia Villosio (LABOR, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin))
Have Labour Market Reforms at the Turn of the Millennium Changed Job Durations of the New Entrants? A Comparative Study for Germany and Italy
Bruno Anastasia (Veneto Lavoro)

(Joint with Massimo Disarò (Veneto Lavoro), Maurizio Gambuzza (Veneto Lavoro), Maurizio Rasera (Veneto Lavoro))
La dinamica dell’occupazione dipendente: nuove possibilità di monitoraggio tempestivo
Mario Centeno (Banco de Portugal)

(Joint with Alvaro Novo (Banco de Portugal))
The Hire and Separation of Workers and Employment Growth: An Analysis of Heterogeneous Firms and Workers
SESSION : C9.2 Life-Cycle DecisionsChair : Niall O’Higgins, University of Salerno
Tushar K. Nandi (University of Siena)

(Joint with Michele Di Maio (University of Naples “Parthenope”))
Eonomic Shock and Child Labour in Palestine
Piero Esposito (ISAE)

(Joint with Gianna Barbieri (Ministry of Education, Statistical Office) Paolo Sestito (Banca d’Italia))
Inflows into and Outflows from the Teachers' Profession in Italy
Niall O’Higgins (University of Salerno)

(Joint with Adriana Barone (University of Salerno))
Fat and Out in Salerno and Province: Adolescent Obesity and Early School Leaving in Southern Italy
SESSION : C10 Social Capital, Well-BeingChair : Annalisa Cristini, University of Bergamo
Antonella Mennella (University of Rome "La Sapienza")

Reti sociali, criminalità organizzata e mercati locali del lavoro
Luigi Frey (University of Rome La Sapienza)

Responsabilità sociale d’impresa, benessere organizzativo e lavoro: il caso di un’impresa cooperativa romagnola, la SACMI di Imola
Determinants of Labour Effort and the Role of Contract
Annalisa Cristini (University of Bergamo)

(Joint with Federica Origo (University of Bergamo))
Why Have Permanent Workers Grown Dissatisfied with their Job?