XXVII National Conference of Labour Economics

Seconda Università di Napoli - 27-28 September 2012

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Diego Puga (Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies)
Learning by Working in Dense Cities
Francine Blau (Cornell University)
The Transmission of Women’s Fertility, Human Capital and Work Orientation across Immigrant Generations
Lawrence Kahn (Cornell University)
Substitution Between Individual and Source Country Characteristics: Social Capital, Culture and, US Labor Market Outcomes Among Immigrant Women
SESSION : A.1 Agglomeration Economies Chair : Giulio Cainelli, Università di Padova
Massimiliano Agovino (Università “G.D’Annunzio” di Chieti-Pescara)

(Joint with Hartmut Lehmann, University of Bologna)
Agglomeration Externalities and Technical Efficiency in Italian Regions
Roberto Basile (Seconda Università di Napoli)

(Joint with Cristiana Donati (Seconda Università di Napoli), Rosanna Pittiglio (Seconda Università di Napoli))
Agglomeration Economies, Industry Structures and Employment Growth: Evidence from Semi-Parametric Geo-Additive Models
Guido de Blasio (Banca d'Italia)

(Joint with Monica Andini (Banca d'Italia), Gilles Duranton (University of Toronto), William C. Strange (University of Toronto))
Marshallian Labor Market Pooling: Evidence from Italy
Donata Favaro (Università di Padova)

(Joint with Eniel Ninka (University IUAV), Margherita Turvani (University IUAV)
Productivity in Innovation: The Role of Inventor Connections and Mobility
Emanuela Ghignoni (Università di Roma La Sapienza)

(Joint with Giuseppe Croce (Università di Roma La Sapienza), Edoardo Di Porto (Università di Roma La Sapienza), Andrea Ricci (ISFOL)
Workplace Training and Entrepreneurs Clusters: Poaching vs Knowledge Spillovers
SESSION : A.2 Education and Skill Mismatch Chair : Giuseppe Croce, Università di Roma La Sapienza
Floro Ernesto Caroleo (Università di Napoli “Parthenope”)

(Joint with Francesco Pastore(Seconda Università di Napoli))
Overeducation at a Glance. Determinants and Wage Effects of the Educational Mismatch, Looking at the AlmaLaurea Data
Gianfranco De Simone (Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli)

Render unto Primary the Things which are Primary’s. Inherited and Fresh Learning Divides in Italian Lower Secondary Education
Antonio Di Paolo (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

(Joint with Ferran Mañé (Universitat Rovira i Virgili))
Determinants and Consequences of Qualification and Skills Mismatch Among Recent PhD Graduates
Claudia Pigini (Università Politecnica delle Marche)

(Joint with Stefano Staffolani (Università Politecnica delle Marche))
Enrolment Decision and University Choice of Italian Secondary School Graduates
SESSION : A.3 Unemployment Chair : Marco Guerrazzi, Università di Genova
Sergio Destefanis (Università di Salerno)

(Joint with Giuseppe Mastromatteo (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore))
Exploring the Cross-Country Inequality-Employment Trade-off. A Production Possibility Frontier Approach
Ursula Jaenichen (IAB)

(Joint with Gianna C. Giannelli (Università di Firenze), Thomas Rothe (IAB))
Doing Well in Reforming the Labour Market? Recent Trends in Job Stability and Wages in Germany
Alvaro A. Novo (Banco de Portugal)

(Joint with Mario Centeno (Banco de Portugal))
Unemployment Insurance: A Life Vest of Re-employment Wages
SESSION : A.4 The Gender Wage Gap Chair : Elisabetta Addis, Università di Sassari
Ezgi Kaya (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Gender Wage Gap Trends in Europe: The Role of Occupational Allocation and Changing Skill Prices
Roberto Leombruni (Università di Torino)

(Joint with Michele Mosca (Laboratorio Revelli))
The Lifetime Gender Gap in Italy. Does the Pension System Countervail Labour Market Outcomes?
Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)

(Joint with Matteo Picchio (Ghent University, Belgium))
The Gender Wage Gap by Education in Italy
Giulia Santangelo (Università di Roma La Sapienza)

(Joint with Blaise Melly (Brown University))
The Evolution of the Gender Wage Gap: a Change in Change Model
SESSION : A.5 BargainingChair : Paolo Naticchioni, Università di Cassino
Hans-Dieter Gerner (IAB)

(Joint with Peter Ellguth (IAB), Jens Stegmaier (IAB))
Wage Bargaining in Germany. The Role of Works Councils and Opening Clauses
Paola Gritti (Università di Bergamo)

The Impact on Wages of Generic Competencies, Psychological Capital, New Work Practices and Digital Technologies
Paolo Naticchioni (Università di Cassino)

(Joint with Alessia Matano (Universitat de Barcelona))
The Extent of Rent Sharing along the Wage Distribution
Federica Origo (Università di Bergamo)

(Joint with Claudio Lucifora (Università Cattolica))
Performance Related Pay and Firm Productivity: New Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in Italy
SESSION : A.6 Labour Markets in Developing Countries Chair : Gianna Claudia Giannelli, Università di Firenze
Hartmut Lehmann (Università di Bologna)

(Joint with Yuhao Ge (Renmin University of China))
The Costs of Worker Displacement in Urban Labor Markets of China
Paula Herrera-Idárraga (University of Barcelona)

(Joint with Enrique López-Bazo (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana), Elisabet Motellón (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya))
Education - Occupation Mismatching and Labor Market Segmentation in Developing Countries: The Colombian Case
Niall O’Higgins (Università di Salerno)

Roma in the Labour Market in CSEE
Muhammad Waqas (Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle University upon Tyne)

(Joint with Nils Braakmann, John Wildman)
Are immigrants in favour of immigration? Evidence from England and Wales
SESSION : B.1 Regional unemployment dynamics, worker reallocation and place-base policy Chair : Rita De Siano, Università di Napoli Parthenope
Monica Andini (Banca d’Italia)

(Joint with Guido de Blasio (Banca d’Italia))
Local Development that Money Can’t Buy: Italy’s Contratti di Programma
Carlo Lucarelli (ISTAT)

(Joint with Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza))
Dynamic and Performance of the Italian Labour Market
Francesco Pastore (Seconda Università di Napoli)

(Joint with Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore))
Is there a Southern-sclerosis? Worker Reallocation and Regional Unemployment in Italy
SESSION : B.2 Gender and Households Chair : Marco Leonardi, Università di Milano
Tindara Addabbo (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia)

(Joint with Randi Kjeldstad (Statistics Norway))
Household Affiliation Among Young Adult Women and Men in Italy and Norway: The Significance of Work, Culture, and Money
Silvia Pasqua (Università di Torino)

(Joint with Lia Pacelli (Università di Torino), Claudia Villosio (LABORatorio Riccardo Revelli))
Labour Market Penalties of Mothers: the Role of Reconciliation Policies
Virginia Robano (The George Washington University)

(Joint with Andrea Bentancor (ComunidadMujer and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.))
Part-time Premium Enigma: An Assessment of the Chilean Case
SESSION : B.3 Motivation and TrustChair : Riccardo Leoni, Università di Bergamo
Alberto Chilosi (Università di Pisa)

(Joint with )
Stakeholder Protection, Varieties of Capitalism, and Long-Term Unemployment
Julie Moschion (University of Melbourne)

(Joint with Domenico Tabasso (University of Melbourne))
Trust: the Role of Cultural Background, Social and Economic Conditions
Paolo Naticchioni (Università di Cassino)

(Joint with Alessandro Fedele (Libera Università di Bolzano))
Moonlighting Politicians: Motivation Matters!
SESSION : B.4 Flexicurity Chair : Giuliana Parodi, Università “G. D’Annunzio” di Chieti-Pescara
Orietta Dessy (Università Cattolica di Milano)

(Joint with Giovanni S.F. Bruno (Università Bocconi), Floro Ernesto Caroleo (Università di Napoli Parthenope))
Flexicurity and Multi-dimensional Job Satisfaction in Italy: A Comparison of Different Contract Arrangements
Niall O'Higgins (Università di Salerno)

Youth Labour Markets During the Great Recession
Gabriele Mazzolini (Università di Bergamo)

(Joint with Federica Origo (Università di Bergamo))
Is Flexicurity Good in Bad Times? Evidence on workers security in Europe
SESSION : C.1 Gender, Heterogeneity and Wages Chair : Maria De Paola, Università della Calabria
Andrea Garnero (Paris School of Economics)

(Joint with Francois Rycx (Université Libre de Bruxelles))
The Heterogeneous Effects of Workplace Diversity on Wages and Productivity
Alvaro A. Novo (Banco de Portugal)

(Joint with Mario Centeno (Banco de Portugal), Claudia Duarte (Banco de Portugal))
The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Low-wage and Young Workers: Employment and Match Evidence
Diana Pérez-Dacal (University of Santiago de Compostela)

(Joint with Yolanda Pena-Boquete (University of Vigo))
Effects of Tourism Wages and Employment for the Spanish Regions: Seasonality versus Tourism Specialization
Giovanni Sulis (Università di Cagliari and CRENoS)

(Joint with Manuela Deidda (CRENoS), Adriana Di Liberto (Università di Cagliari and CRENoS), Marta Foddi (CRENoS))
Employment Subsidies, Informal Economy and Women’s Transition into Work in a Depressed Area: Evidence from a Matching Approach
SESSION : C.2 Policies Chair : Federica Origo, Università di Bergamo
Bruno Anastasia (Veneto Lavoro)

(Joint with Gianluca Emireni (Veneto Lavoro), F. Vanin (Regione del Veneto))
Between Levelling out and Polarization of Individual Incomes. An Analysis on Tax Return Micro Data
Silvia Duranti (IRPET)

(Joint with Rossella Bardazzi (Univeristà di Firenze))
Atypical Contracts and Italian Firms’ Labour Productivity
Roberto Leombruni (Università di Torino)

(Joint with Adriano Paggiaro (Università di Padova), Ugo Trivellato (Università di Padova))
Per un pugno di euro. Storie di ordinaria disoccupazione
SESSION : C.3 Disability Chair : Gianluigi Coppola, Università di Salerno
Federico Russo (Eupolis Lombardia)

(Joint with Guido Gay (Eupolis Lombardia))
Informative Prospectus: a New Source of Data for Studying Employment of Disabled People and Protected Categories
Miguel A. Malo (University of Salamanca)

(Joint with Ricardo Pagán (University of Málaga))
Hiring Workers with Disabilities when a Quota Requirement Exists: The Relevance of Firm's Size
Elena Sarti (Fondazione Marco Biagi - Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia)

(Joint with Tindara Addabbo (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia), Jaya Krishnakumar (University of Geneva))
Does Disability Discourage? An Empirical Analysis of the Disabled Labour Force in Italy
Dario Sciulli (Università di Chieti-Pescara)

(Joint with Giuliana Parodi (Università di Chieti-Pescara))
Disability and Social Exclusion Dynamics in Italian Households
SESSION : C.4 Job flows and worker flowsChair : Hartmut Lehmann, Università di Bologna
Marco Leonardi (Università di Milano)

(Joint with Lorenzo Cappellari (Università Cattolica di Milano))
Earnings Instability and Tenure
Lia Pacelli (Università di Torino)

(Joint with Fabio Berton (Università del Piemonte Orientale), Francesco Devicienti (Università di Torino))
Human Capital Accumulation in Temporary Jobs: Specific or General?
Francesca Sgobbi (Università di Brescia)

Inter-firm Mobility and Wages in the Italian ICT Industry
SESSION : D.1 Education Chair : Justina Fischer, University of Oradea
Carmen Aina (Università degli Studi Piemonte Orientale)

(Joint with Francesco Pastore (Seconda Università di Napoli))
Delayed Graduation and Overeducation: A Test of the Human Capital Model versus the Screening Hypothesis
Corrado Andini (Universidade da Madeira)

Does the Observed Return to Schooling Converge to the Potential one? Evidence Based on a Dynamic Mincer Equation with Individual Unobserved Heterogeneity
Eliana Baici (Università del Piemonte Orientale)

(Joint with Carmen Aina (Università del Piemonte Orientale))
To Stay or To Move? Freshmen and University Accessibility in Italy
Michela Ponzo (Università di Roma La Sapienza)

(Joint with Vincenzo Scoppa (Università della Calabria))
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Teaching Evaluations, Beauty and Abilities
Antonio Scognamillo (Università di Firenze)

Democratization of Higher Education and Labour Market Mismatch: The Case of Italy
SESSION : D.2 Labour supplyChair : Tindara Addabbo, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Anna De Paoli (Università di Milano Bicocca)

(Joint with Mariapia Mendola (Università di Milano Bicocca))
Does International Migration Increase Child Labor?
Gianna Claudia Giannelli (Università di Firenze)

(Joint with Lucia Mangiavacchi (University of the Balearic), Luca Piccoli (University of the Balearic))
Where is Dad? May be at the Bar! The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Intra-household Time Allocation
Antonella Mennella (Università Roma Tre)

(Joint with Martina Lavagnini (Università Roma Tre))
Decent Work in Italy
Federica Origo (Università di Bergamo)

(Joint with Sara Pinoli (Università di Bergamo), Annalisa Cristini (Università di Bergamo))
The Healthy Fright of Losing a Good One for a Bad One
Simona Tenaglia (ISFOL)

(Joint with Francesco Pastore (Seconda Università di Napoli))
Ora et non labora? A test of the Impact of Religion on Female Labor Supply
SESSION : D.3 Migration Chair : Maria Rosaria Carillo, Università di Napoli Parthenope
Giuseppe Russo (Università di Salerno)

(Joint with Fausto Galli (Università di Salerno))
Immigration Policy and Long-Run Assimilation
Effrosyni Adamopoulou (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

(Joint with Ezgi Kaya (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona))
To Leave or Not to Leave? Peers and the Decision to Leave the Parental Home
Cristina Cattaneo (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei)

(Joint with Valentina Bosetti (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei), Elena Verdolini (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei))
Migration, Cultural Diversity and Innovation: A European Perspective
Simone Schueller (IZA Bonn)

Parental Ethnic Identity and Educational Attainment of Second-Generation Immigrants
SESSION : D.4 Evaluation Chair : Stefano Staffolani, Università Politecnica delle Marche
Maria De Paola (Università della Calabria)

(Joint with Vincenzo Scoppa (Università della Calabria))
The Effectiveness of Remedial Courses in Italy: A Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design
Domenico Lisi (Università di Catania)

Cross-Sectors Skill Intensity and Temporary Employment
Miguel Á. Malo (Universidad de Salamanca)

(Joint with Begoña Cueto (Universidad de Oviedo))
Temporary Contracts across Generations: Long-term Effects of a Labour Market Reform at the Margin
Marco Mariani (IRPET)

(Joint with Maria Luisa Maitino (IRPET), Fabrizia Mealli (Università di Firenze), Nicola Sciclone (IRPET))
What Kind of Training Works for the Unemployed and First-time Job Seekers? Differential Effects of a Regional Program
Joachim Wolff (Institute for Employment Research)

(Joint with Anton Nivorozhkin (Institute for Employment Research))
Give them a Break! Did Activation of Young Welfare Recipients Overshoot in Germany? (A Regression Discontinuity Analysis)
SESSION : D.5 Macro Chair : Roberto Leombruni, Università di Torino
Marco Guerrazzi (Università di Genova)

Involuntary Unemployment And Efficiency-Wage Competition Competition
Giulio Piccirilli (Universitas Mercatorum and Università Cattolica di Milano)

Labour Market Performance and the Quality of Industrial Relations
Bernhard Schmidpeter (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Wage and Employment Polarization in Germany. Is there Evidence?
Marcello Signorelli (Università di Perugia)

(Joint with Misbah Tanveer Choudhry (University of Groningen), Enrico Marelli (Università di Brescia))
Key Determinants of Youth Unemployment in OECD Countries
Cristina Tealdi (IMT-Lucca)

The Emersion Effect: an Analysis on Labor Tax Evasion in Italy
SESSION : D.6 Gender Chair : Sergio Destefanis, Università di Salerno
Karolina Goraus (Warsaw University)

Gender Wage Gap in Poland – Can It Be Explained by Differences in Observable Characteristics?
Giovanni Luca Lo Magno (Università di Palermo)

(Joint with Rosa Giaimo (Università di Palermo))
Measuring Wage Discrimination According to an Expected Utility Approach
Yolanda Pena-Boquete (Universty of Vigo)

(Joint with Melchor Fernández (University of Santiago de Compostela))
Could Gender Wage Discrimination Explain Regional Differences in Productivity?
Dario Pozzoli (Aarhus University)

(Joint with Nabanita Datta Gupta (Aarhus University), Mette Lausten (The Danish National Centre for Social Research))
Does Mother Know Best? Parental Discrepancies in Assessing Child Functioning