29th National Conference of Labour Economics

A.1 Labour markets in transition economies Chair: Enrico Marelli, Università  di Brescia
Anzelika Zaiceva (Università di Modena and Reggio Emilia)
Joint with:
Hartmut Lehmann|;| University of Bologna
Informal Employment in Russia: Definitions, Incidence, Determinants and Labor Market Segmentation
Olga Demidova (National Research University (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)
Joint with:
Enrico Marelli|;| Università di Brescia - Marcello Signorelli|;| University of Perugia
The Spatial Effects of the Youth
Marcello Signorelli (Università di Perugia)
Joint with:
Francesco Bartolucci (Università di Perugia)|;| Aleksandra Bashina (Higher School of Economics|;| Moscow)|;| Giovanni S. F. Bruno (Università Bocconi)|;| Olga Demidova (Higher School of Economics|;| Moscow)
Determinants of Job Satisfaction in Young Russian Workers
Enrico Marelli (Università di Brescia)
Joint with:
Elena Vakulenko (National Research University Higher School of Economics|;| Moscow)
Youth Unemployment in Italy and Russia: Aggregate Trends and the Role of Individual Determinants
A.2 Family motherhood and work Chair: Thomas Leoni, Austrian Institute of Economic Research
Eleonora Matteazzi (University of Trento)
Joint with:
Eliane el Badaoui
To be a Mother, or not to be? Career and Wage Ladder in Italy and the UK
Thomas Leoni (Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO))
Joint with:
Rainer Eppel
Motherhood, Employment and Health at Age 50+. Evidence for Europe across Welfare Regimes
Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Joint with:
Stephen McKay
Wage and employment gaps: the role of fertility intentions, motherhood and household labour
Prova (Prova)
Joint with:
Lucia Rizzica|;| Banca d'Italia
Female Employment and Pre-kindergarten: on the Unintended Effects of an Italian Reform
A.3 Health and work Chair: Elena Sarti, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Elena Cottini (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Joint with:
Claudio Lucifora|;| Matteo Ruggeri
Health care in transition: Evidence on the well-being of workers in the European health and social care sector
Elena Sarti (Marco Biagi Foundation - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
Joint with:
Tindara Addabbo
Access to work and disability: the case of Italy
Gabriele Mazzolini (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Joint with:
Elena Cottini|;| Claudio Lucifora
Work organization practices and pay for performance: is there any effect on health?
Tiziano Razzolini (Università di Siena)
Joint with:
Roberto Leombruni|;| Università di Torino - Francesco Serti|;| University of Alicante
Unemployment at Entry and the Occupational Injury
A.4 Education 1 Chair: Marco Tonello, Banca d\'Italia
Carmen Aina (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
Joint with:
Massimiliano Bratti|;| Michele Raitano
Better late than never? The effect of age at graduation
Corrado Andini (Universidade da Madeira)
Joint with:
Pedro Telhado Pereira
Does part-time schooling pay? Panel quantile-regression evidence
Paolo Ghinetti (Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale)
Heterogeneous Returns to Education in Italy: An Evaluation Based on Control Functions
Marco Tonello (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Claudio Lucifora
Deterrence, Social Ties and Cheating in the Classroom. Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
A.5 ICT Chair: Samuele Poy, FBK-IRVAPP, Trento
Federico Biagi (Università di Padova e JRC-IPTS (European Commission))
Joint with:
Smaranda Pantea|;| Anna Sabadash
Are ICT Displacing Workers? Evidence from Seven European Countries
Samuele Poy (FBK-IRVAPP)
Joint with:
Giulia Canzian|;| Simone Schuller
High-Speed Internet and Firm Productivity – Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the Province of Trento –
Benedetto Molinari (Universidad Pablo Olavide)
Joint with:
Manuel Hidalgo-Pérez
Learning the New Technology: the Polarization of the Wage Distribution
University of Sassari (Maria Gabriela Ladu)
Joint with:
Bianca Biagi
The Short and Long Run Impact of Technology on Employment: Evidence from Italy
A.6 Migration 1 Chair: Muhammad Waqas, Newcastle University
Muhammad Waqas (Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle University upon Tyne)
Joint with:
Nils Braakmann|;| John Wildman
Are immigrants in favour of immigration? Evidence from England and Wales
Carmen Ródenas ()
Joint with:
Mónica Martí & Ángel León
The Great Crisis: Understanding the Spanish Migration Puzzle
Chandra Shah (Monash University)
Joint with:
Aaron Nicholas
Incentives for relocating to regional Australia
Giovanni Sulis (University of Cagliari)
Joint with:
Claudia Cigagna
On the Potential Interaction Between Labour Market Institutions and Immigration Policies
A.7 Education and training Chair: Roberta Zizza, Banca d''Italia
Adriana Di Liberto (University of Cagliari)
Length of stay in the host country and educational achievement of immigrant students: the Italian case
Roberta Zizza (Banca d'Italia)
Joint with:
Anna Laura Mancini
Time investment in human capital during childhood. A focus on reading
Silvia Duranti (Irpet) (Irpet)
Joint with:
Enrico Conti (Irpet) Alessandra Mattei (Università degli studi di Firenze) Fabrizia Mealli (Università degli studi di Firenze) Nicola Sciclone (Irpet)
The effects of a dropout prevention program on secondary students’ outcomes
Nicola Orlando (IRS)
Joint with:
Gabriele Mazzolini
Off-the-job Training on Employment. Empirical Evide nce of an Italian Region
B.1 Macroeconomics in recession Chair: Hector Sala, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Marco Guerrazzi (Departmen of Economics DIEC, University of Genoa)
Animal Spirits, Investment and Unemployment: An Old Keynesian View of the Great Recession
Massimo Mancini (ISTAT)
Joint with:
Maurizio Bovi
Recession, Expectations and Labour Supply Dynamics
Hector Sala (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Joint with:
Pedro Trivín
The Decline of the Labor Income Share: A Reappraisal of the Driving Forces
Maria Lisa Rodano (Bank of Italy, Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy Directorate)
Joint with:
Concetta Rondinelli
The Italian household consumption: a comparison among recessions
B.2 Women and gender in labour market Chair: Anna Giraldo, Università  di Padova
Eleonora Matteazzi (University of Trento)
Joint with:
Elena Dalla Chiara and Ilaria Petrarca
From the Glass Door to the Glass Ceiling: An Analysis of the Gender Wage Gap by Age Groups
Anna Giraldo (Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padova)
Joint with:
Donata Favaro
Mobility Lists and Re-Employment: the Case of Female Workers in North East Italy
Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Joint with:
Maurizio Baussola|;| Jamie Jenkins|;| Matthew Penfold
Determinants of the Unemployment Gender Gap: A Comparative Investigation
Paola Meozzi (Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Fondazione \"Marco Biagi\"))
Labour Market and Flexibility: A logistic regression model to estimate the likelihood of being atypical for a woman employed in Pisa
B.3 Education 2 Chair: Anna Zaharieva, Bielefeld University
Luca Cattani (University of Bologna)
Joint with:
Giovanni Guidetti and Giulio Pedrini
Assessing the incidence and wage effects of overeducation among Italian graduates using a new measure for educational requirements
Francesca Sgobbi (DIMI - University of Brescia)
Joint with:
Adult education, training and individual performance: Some preliminary evidence from PIAAC
Francesco Berlingieri (ZEW)
Joint with:
Ulrich Zierahn|;| ZEW
Field of Study, Qualification Mismatch, and Wages:
Anna Zaharieva (Bielefeld University)
On-the-Job Search and Optimal Schooling under Uncertainty and Irreversibility
B.4 Union and collective bargaining 1 Chair: Alvaro A. Novo, Banco de Portugal
Stella Capuano (Institute of Employment Research )
Joint with:
Andreas Hauptmann|;| Hans-Jörg Schmerer
Trade and Unions: Can Exporters Benefit from Collective Bargaining?
Nicola Meccheri (University of Pisa)
Joint with:
Luciano Fanti
Unionisation Regimes, Capacity Choice by Firms and Welfare Outcomes
Francesco Devicienti (University of Torino and Collegio Carlo Alberto )
Joint with:
Paolo Naticchioni and Andrea Ricci
Temporary employment, demand volatility and unions: Firm-level evidence
Alvaro Novo (Banco de Portugal)
Joint with:
Mario Centeno
The impact of unionization on employment and wages
B.5 Jobs and workers flows Chair: Perihan Ozge Saygin, University of Mannheim
Yuliia Stupnytska ()
Joint with:
Anna Zaharieva
Explaining the U-shape of the referral hiring pattern in a search model with heterogeneous workers
Begoña Cueto (University of Oviedo)
Joint with:
Vanesa Rodríguez|;| Patricia Suárez
The impact of human capital and career trajectory on self-employment survival
Perihan Ozge Saygin (University of Mannheim)
Joint with:
Andrea Weber|;| Michele A. Weynandt
Coworkers, Networks, and Job Search Outcomes
Antonio Di Paolo (AQR-IREA, Universitat de Barcelona)
Joint with:
Anna Matas|;| Josep Lluís Raymond
B.6 Job loss and unemployment Chair: Sinem H. Ayhan, Università  di Bologna
Niki Stylianidou (ISTAT)
Joint with:
The new supplementary indicators to unemployment rate; an alternative interpretation of the labour market
Lorenzo Corsini (Department of Economics and Management)
Joint with:
Paolo Frumento
Finite mixture modeling of unemployment duration
Sinem H. Ayhan (University of Bologna)
How Do Married Women Respond When Their Husbands Lose Their Jobs? Evidence from Turkey During the Recent Crisis
Sauro Mocetti (Banca d'Italia)
Joint with:
Eliana Viviano (Banca d’Italia)
Looking Behind Mortgage Delinquencies
C.1 Job satisfaction and Health Chair: Elisabetta Olivieri, Banca d\'Italia
G.S.F. Bruno (Bocconi)
Joint with:
F.E Caroleo|;| O. Dessy
Job satisfaction and compensating wage differentials among young workers in Italy
Lorenzo Cappellari (Università Cattolica)
Joint with:
Anna De Paoli; Gilberto Turati
C.2 Youth in the labour market Chair: Lavinia Parisi, Università  di Salerno
Francesco Pastore ()
Joint with:
Luca Giuliani|;| Seconda Università di Napoli
The Determinant of the Youth Disadvantage. A Panel Data Analysis
Dario Sciulli (Università di Chieti-Pescara)
Joint with:
Chiara Mussida
The Trend over time of the labour market opportunities of young people in Italy
Simona Comi (University of Milan Bicocca, CHILD and IEIL)
Joint with:
Mara Grasseni
The reform of apprenticeship in Italy: winners and losers.
Lavinia Parisi (Celpe and Dises, University of Salerno)
Joint with:
Fernanda Mazzotta
The effect of Marriage and Employment on Leaving Home in Italy
C.3 Education, training and employment Chair: Antonio Di Paolo, Universitat de Barcelona)
Verzicco Liana (ISTAT)
Joint with:
Baldazzi Barbara
The adults participation in lifelong learning in Italy
Antonio Di Paolo (AQR-IREA, Universitat de Barcelona)
Joint with:
Lorenzo Cappellari
Changes in the Language of Instruction and Returns to Schooling in a Bilingual Labour Market
Marco Tonello (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Ylenia Brilli
Rethinking the Crime Reducing Effect of Education: the Role of Social Capital and Organized Crime
C.4 Labour market institutions Chair: Giuseppe Croce, Università  di Roma La Sapienza
Luca Fumarco (Linnaeus University)
Joint with:
Giambattista Rossi|;| University of London|;| Birkbeck
Long-term Economic Effects of Relative Age - The Case of Serie A
Giuseppe Croce (Sapienza University of Rome)
Joint with:
no coauthors
Collective bargaining on welfare and wage. Labour market implications and economic rationales of bipartite sectoral funds
Biasi Paola (University of Florence)
Joint with:
Does Employment Protection Deter FDI? An Empirical Study on OECD countries
Albanese Andrea (Ghent University (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration) and DEFAP Graduate School (University of Milan-Bicocca and Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) )
Joint with:
Cockx Bart
C.5 Income distribution poverty Chair: Marco Leonardi, Università  di Milano
Michele Raitano (Sapienza University of Rome)
Joint with:
Roberto Fantozzi
Political cycle and reported labour incomes in Italy: a quasi-experimental evidence on tax evasion
marco leonardi (università di milano)
Joint with:
Lorenzo Cappellari
Earnings Instability and Tenure
Anna M. Falzoni (Università di Bergamo)
Joint with:
Kinzica L. Soldano
Remittances and inequality in Eastern European countries
Concetta Rondinelli (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Antonio Bassanetti|;| Filippo Scoccianti
On the structure of Italian households' consumption patterns during the recent crises
C.6 Institutions, social capital and policy Chair: Paolo Naticchioni, Università  di Roma Tre
Elisabetta Addis (Università di Sassari)
Social Capital, Gender and the Labour Market
Marcial Sánchez-Mosquera (Universidad de Sevilla)
Trade unions, Social Dialogue and employment in Western Europe, from concertation to confrontation. The Spanish case, 1996-2013
Guido De Blasio (Banca d'Italia)
Joint with:
Giovanna D’Adda (University of Birmingham)
Historical Legacy and Policy Effectiveness: the Long-Term Influence of pre-Unification Borders in Italy
D.1 Migration and human capital Chair: Fabio Montobbio, Università  di Torino
Alessia Matano ()
Joint with:
Sandra Nieto|;| raul Ramos
skill mismatches in the EU: immigrants vs natives
Guido Neidhoefer (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
Joint with:
Timm Boenke
When parental background matters: The intergenerational mobility and assimilation of Italian immigrants in Germany
Gianna Claudia Giannelli (Università di Firenze)
Joint with:
Chiara Rapallini|;| Università di Firenze
Immigrant Pupils’ Performance in Maths: Does it Matter Where One is From?
D.2 Cross/country analysis Chair: Chair: Giovanna Vallanti, LUISS
Sergio Destefanis (University of Salerno)
Joint with:
Giuseppe Mastromatteo
Age and Gender in and Out the EU. A Difference-in-Difference Assessment
Duncan Roth (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
Joint with:
John Moffat
Cohort size and youth unemployment in Europe: a regional analysis
Giovanna Vallanti (LUISS \"Guido Carli\")
International capital mobility and unemployment dynamics: Empirical Evidence from OECD Countries
Maria Laura Parisi (University of Brescia)
Joint with:
Olga Demidova|;| Enrico Marelli
Labour productivity of young and adult temporary workers and youth unemployment: a cross-country analysis
D.3 Personnel Chair: Maria De Paola, Università  della Calabria
Manuel Bagues ()
Joint with:
Mauro Sylos-Labini and Natalia Zinovyeva
Do gender quotas pass the test? Evidence from academic evaluations in Italy
Daniele Checchi (Università di Milano)
Joint with:
Gianni De Fraja and Stefano Verzillo
Publish or Perish? Incentives and Careers in Italian Academia
De Paola, M. (Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance, University of Calabria)
Joint with:
Ponzo|;| M.; Scoppa|;| V.
Gender Differences in Attitudes Towards Competition: Evidence from the Italian Scientific Qualification
D.4 Education and skill mismatch Chair: Daniela Sposato, Università  della Calabria
Daniela Sposato (University of Calabria)
Joint with:
Patrizia Ordine|;| Giuseppe Rose
Gift of Time and Family Gift: The Effect of Early School Entry on Pupils Performance
Sara Flisi (European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Econometrics and Applied Statistics Unit)
Joint with:
Valentina Goglio|;| Elena C. Meroni|;| Margarida Rodrigues|;| Esperanza Vera-Toscano
Measuring occupational mismatch: overeducation and overskill in Europe. Evidence from PIAAC
Origo Federica (University of Bergamo)
Joint with:
Gianluca Argentin|;| Simona Comi|;| Laura Pagani
Is it What You Know or What you Do? The effect of teachers’ digital skills and practices on student achievement
Laura Pagani (University of Milano Bicocca)
Joint with:
Gianluca Argentin|;| Marco Gui|;| Luca Stanca
The Impact of Digital Literacy on Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Performance Tests
D.5 Wage mobility Chair: Claudia Vittori, University of Bath
Irene Brunetti (Università di Pisa) ()
Joint with:
Davide Fiaschi (Università di Pisa)
Occupational Mobility between Generations: a Theoretical Model with an Application to Italy
Claudia Vittori (University of Bath)
Joint with:
Paul Gregg Lindsey Macmillan
Moving Towards Estimating Lifetime Intergenerational Economic Mobility in the UK
Naddeo Paola (Istat)
Joint with:
Cardinaleschi Stefania; De Santis Stefano
Age wage premium and collective bargaining in Italy
Sauro Mocetti (Banca d'Italia)
Dynasties in Professions: The Role of Rents
D.6 The Italian and the Spanish labour market (jointly AIEL-AEET) Chair: Dario Sciulli, Università  di Chieti-Pescara
Virginia Hernanz (Universidad de Alcalá )
Joint with:
Mario Izquierdo
Worker Turnover and Regional Unemployment in Spain
Tindara Addabbo (Department of Economics Marco Biagi)
Joint with:
Rosa García-Fernández|;| Carmen Llorca-Rodríguez|;| Anna Maccagnan
Labour Force Heterogeneity and Wage Polarization: Italy and Spain
Lina Gálvez-Muñoz (Pablo de Olavide University)
Joint with:
Paula Rodríguez-Modroño|;| Tindara Addabbo
The impact of austerity on women's work in Italy and Spain
Miguel A. Malo (University of Salamanca)
Joint with:
Dario Sciulli (Università di Chieti-Pescara)|;| Begoña Cueto (University of Oviedo)
Long-term Impacts of Easing Temporary Contracts: A Comparative Analysis of Italy and Spain Using Birth Cohorts