34th National Conference of Labour Economics

Keynote Lecture
Maia Güell (University of Edinburgh)
Human Capital: A School Choice Perspective
Policy Session
Tito Boeri (Università Bocconi)
Wage Equalization and Regional Misallocation: Evidence from Italian and German Provinces
Andrea Weber (Central European University)
What Works? A Meta Analysis of Recent Active Labor Market Program Evaluations
1.1. Employment, Unemployment and Matching 1 Chair: Martin Zagler (Università  del Piemonte Orientale)
Piero Esposito (INAPP)
Joint with:
Sergio Scicchitano (INAPP)
Skill mismatch, routine bias technical change and unemployment: evidence from Italy
Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Joint with:
Dario Sciulli (Università di Chieti-Pescara)
Does Employment Entry Affect Current Youth Working Status in Developing Countries? Evidence from South-East Asia
Stanislaw Cichocki (University of Warsaw)
Labour market flows in Poland – did the determinants change?
Fabrizio Colonna (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Emanuela Ciapanna (Bank of Italy)
Is your Broadband Really Broad? Internet Speed, Labour Demand and Productivity Outcomes: Evidence from Italian Firms
1.2. Gender, Family and Demographic Economics Chair: Fernanda Mazzotta (Università  di Salerno)
Giulia Tura (EUI)
Joint with:
Alberto Bisin (NYU)
Marriage, Fertility, and Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Italy
Fabrizio Colella (University of Lausanne)
Joint with:
Rafael Lalive (University of Lausanne|;|David Card)
Can Outlawing Stated Gender Preferences Reduce Gender Segregation?
Jonathan Norris (University of Strathclyde)
Joint with:
Martijn van Hasselt (UNC Greensboro)
Troubled in School: Does Maternal Involvement Matter for Adolescents
Jessica Pesantez-Narvaez (Universitat de Barcelona)
Joint with:
Montserrat Guillen (Universitat de Barcelona)
Cooperatives and Migration: Two paths towards economic security for domestic workers in Ecuador?
1.3. Wages, Income Distribution and Poverty Chair: Federica Origo (Università  di Bergamo)
Ursula Jaenichen (IAB)
Joint with:
Mario Bossler (IAB|;|Simeon Schächtele)
How Effective are Enforcement Measures for Compliance with the Minimum Wage? Evidence from Germany.
Daria Vigani (Università Cattolica di Milano)
Joint with:
Claudio Lucifora (Università Cattolica di Milano)
Collective contract representativeness and pirate agreements: what are the effects on wages?
Federica Origo (Universita di Bergamo)
Joint with:
Claudio Lucifora (Università Cattolica di Milano)
Firms’ margins of adjustment. The role of wage rigidities and industrial relations.
Sven Hartmann (IAAEU - Trier University)
Joint with:
Goerke Laszlo (IAAEU - Trier University)
Habit Formation and Trade Unions
1.4. Migrations, Globalisation and the Labour Market Chair: Massimiliano Piacenza (Università  del Piemonte Orientale)
Marina Di Giacomo (Università di Torino)
Joint with:
Giovanni Perucca (Politecnico di Milano|;|Massimiliano Piacenza)
Clusters of immigrants and inappropriate treatments
Tealdi Cristina (Heriot-Watt University)
Joint with:
Davide Fiaschi (Università di Pisa|;|Angela Parenti)
Who gains and who loses from migration? Theory and an application to Italy
Caterina Alacevich (Ratio)
Joint with:
Catia Nicodemo (Oxford University)
Immigration and work-related injuries. Evidence from Italian administrative data
Maria Berrittella (Università di Palermo)
Joint with:
Simone Angioloni (Agri-Food Biosciences Institute|;|Ziping Wu)
The Impact of Trade and Labour Immigration Policies on the UK Economy
1.5. Personnel Economics Chair: Paolo Ghinetti (Università  del Piemonte Orientale)
Sauro Mocetti (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Audinga Baltrunaite (Bank of Italy|;|Giulia Bovini)
Board Talent and Firm Productivity
Vincenzo Pezone (Goethe University)
Joint with:
Raffaele Saggio (Princeton University|;|Sabrina Di Addario)
Managerial Horizon and Corporate Labor Policies: Evidence from Fixed-Term Boards
Paolo Ghinetti (DiSEI-UPO)
Joint with:
Elena Cottini (Università Cattolica di Milano|;|Elisabetta Iossa)
Effort-Reward Imbalance as a Workplace Stressor: Implications for Incentives and Contract Design
Elena Grinza (Politecnico di Torino)
Worker Flows, Reallocation Dynamics, and Firm Productivity: New Evidence from Longitudinal Matched Employer-Employee Data
1.6. Education, Training and Human Capital 1 Chair: Carmen Aina (Università  del Piemonte Orientale)
Massimiliano Bratti (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Joint with:
Tommaso Agasisti (Politecnico di Milano|;|Veronica Minaya)
When the Need Meets Merit: The Role of Merit Requirements in Need-based Student Aid
Carmen Aina (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
Joint with:
Massimiliano Bratti (Università degli Studi di Milano|;|Enrico Lippo)
The contribution of high schools to students academic performance: the case of Eduscopio
Ainoa Aparicio Fenoll (University of Turin)
Best in the Class
Adriana Barone (Università degli Studi di Salerno)
Joint with:
CRISTIAN BARRA (Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica - Università degli Studi di Salerno)
Weight status and mental health in Italy: Evidence from EHIS2 microdata
2.1. Wages, Income Distribution and Poverty 2 Chair: Sergio Destefanis (Università  di Salerno)
Konstantinos Kollydas (University of Bath)
Labour market inequalities amongst UK-born university graduates: What drives wage differentials between ethnic groups?
Giovanni Gallo (National Institute for Public Policies Analysis (INAPP))
Joint with:
Andrea Albanese (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER))
Does a Wage Premium for Temporariness Exist? Evidence from Italy
Marco Fongoni (University of strathclyde)
Joint with:
Hepp Jasper (University of Bielefeld|;|Sofie R. Waltl)
Social Comparison, Wage Inequality and Procedural Fairness: an Experimental Investigation
Fernanda Mazzotta (Università di Salerno)
Joint with:
Sergio Destefanis (Università di Salerno|;|Lavinia Parisi)
Tracing the Evolution of Pay Discrimination in Italy (2002-2014): the role of occupations.
2.2. Migrations, Globalisation and the Labour Market 2 Chair: Isabella Giorgetti (Università  Politecnica delle Marche)
Eleonora Porreca (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Alfonso Rosolia (Bank of Italy)
Immigration and the fear of unemployment: evidence from individual perceptions in Italy
Petra Sauer (Anglia Ruskin University)
Joint with:
Stella Sophie Zilian (Karl-Franzens University Graz)
Do Migrants Have Access to Decent Work
Elisabetta Lodigiani (University of Padua)
Joint with:
Annalisa Frigo (Universite Catholique de Louvain|;|Sara Salomone)
For Children's Sake: Intergenerational Altruism and Parental Migration Intentions
Isabella Giorgetti (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Joint with:
Stefano Staffolani (Università Politecnica delle Marche|;|Giulia Bettin)
Who cares for the carers? The impacts of immigrant elderly care workers on the female labour supply
2.3. Institutions and Labour Market Policies 1 Chair: Stefano Staffolani (Università  Politecnica delle Marche)
Maurizio Conti (University of Genova)
Joint with:
Massimiliano Bratti (Università degli Studi di Milano|;|Giovanni Sulis)
Employment Protection and Firm-provided Training: Quasi-experimental Evidence from a Labour Market Reform
Stefano Staffolani (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Joint with:
Claudia Pigini (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Firing costs and job loss: The case of the Italian Jobs Act
Cristina Tealdi (Heriot-Watt University)
Joint with:
Edoardo Di Porto (INPS)
Heterogeneous paths to stability
2.4. Education, Training and Human Capital 2 Chair: Giorgia Casalone (Università  del Piemonte Orientale)
Guido Salza (University of Torino)
Joint with:
Dalit Contini (University of Torino)
Too Few University Graduates. Inclusiveness and Effectiveness of the Italian Higher Education System
Giorgia Casalone (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
Joint with:
Carmen Aina (Università del Piemonte Orientale|;|Koray Aktas)
Intensity of Workload per Exam and Academic Outcomes
Francesca Sgobbi (Università di Brescia)
The Effectiveness of Remedial Courses: An Analysis on Freshmen in Industrial Engineering
Giorgio Brunello (Università di Padova)
Joint with:
Lorenzo Rocco (Università di Padova|;|Lisha Agarwal)
The Pathways to College
2.5. Education, Training and Human Capital 3 Chair: Agata Maida (Università  di Milano)
Annalisa Loviglio (Università di Bologna)
Schools and Their Multiple Ways to Impact Students: A Structural Model of Skill Accumulation and Educational Choices
Victor Montuenga (Associate Professor)
Joint with:
Inmaculada Garcia (University of Zaragoza)
Occupational prestige and parental influence on sons and daughters
Agata Maida (Università di Milano)
Joint with:
daniela Sonedda ()
Getting out of the starting gate on the right foot: employment effects of investment in human capita
Lorenzo Rocco (Università di Padova)
Joint with:
Giorgio Brunello (Università di Padova|;|Marco Bertoni)
3000 Euros on the Sidewalk
2.6. Joint Session AIEL-CCME / GLO Chair: Enkelejda Havari (European Commission JRC)
Enkelejda Havari (European Commission Joint Research Centre)
Intergenerational effects of war on education: Evidence from World War II in Europe
Silvia Granato ()
Early Influences and the Gender Gap in STEM
Elena Claudia Meroni (European Commission , DG-JRC)
Joint with:
Chiara Pronzato (|;|Daniela Piazzalunga)
Use of extra-school time and child behaviour
Antonella Rocca (Università di Napoli Parthenope)
Joint with:
Floro Ernesto Caroleo (Università di Napoli Parthenope|;|Francesco Pastore)
What determines the timing of the school to work transition?
3.1. Migration, Globalisation and the Labour Market 3 Chair: Malgorzata Skibinska (Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences)
Guido de Blasio (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Giuseppe Albanese (Bank of Italy|;|Gugliemo Barone)
Does Money Matter? Regional Transfers and Anti-establishment Voting
Malgorzata Skibinska (Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences)
The aggregate and redistributive effects of migration for the sending country
Joint with:
Andrea Ricci (inapp|;|valentina Ferri)
Immigrants and labour productivity: firms evidence from Italy
Alessandra Venturini (Università di Torino)
Joint with:
Mauro Lanati (European University Institute)
Cultural Change and the Migration Choice
3.2. Institutions and Labour Market Policies 2 Chair: Giovanni Pica (Università  della Svizzera Italiana)
Daniela Sonedda (Univeristy of Piemonte Orientale)
Born at the Right Time in the Right Place: Regional Determinants of Apprenticeship and Permanent Employment Rates
Gabriele Cardullo (Department of Economics, University of Genoa)
Joint with:
Maurizio Conti (Department of Economics|;|Giovanni Sulis)
Unions, Two-Tier Bargaining and Physical Capital Investment: Theory and Firm-Level Evidence from Italy
Fabio Berton (University of Torino)
Joint with:
Stefano Dughera (University of Torino|;|Andrea Ricci)
Unions and firms' investments. A unified view
Giovanna Vallanti (LUISS)
Joint with:
Emanuela Carbonara (Università di Bologna |;|Giuseppina Gianfreda)
The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Labor Productivity: Do Constitutions Matter?
3.3. Education, Training and Human Capital 4 Chair: Simona Lorena Comi (Università  di Milano Bicocca)
Comi Simona Lorena (Università di Milano Bicocca)
Joint with:
Federica Origo (Universita di Bergamo|;|Laura Pagani)
The Effect of School Rank on Bullying and Victimization
Stefano Dughera (Università degli STudi di Torino)
Skills, Preferences and Rights. Evolutionary Complementarities in Labour Organisation
Giulio Bosio (Università di Bergamo)
Joint with:
Moreno Baruffini (Università della Svizzera Italana)
STEM graduates, knowledge spillovers and entrepreneurship: evidence from Italian local labour market
Irene Brunetti (INAPP)
Joint with:
Michele Raitano (Università La Sapienza|;|Valentina Ferri)
Is firm training associated with a lower use of atypical arrangements? Evidence from Italian firms
3.4. Health, Working Conditions and Job Satisfaction 1 Chair: Daniela Vuti (Università  di Roma Tor Vergata)
Matteo Picchio (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Joint with:
Bruce Hollingsworth (Lancaster University|;|Asako Ohinata)
Labour supply and informal care supply: The impacts of financial support for long-term elderly care
Ylenia Brilli (University of Verona)
Joint with:
Brandon J. Restrepo (USDA)
Birth Weight, Neonatal Care, and Infant Mortality: Evidence from Macrosomic Babies
3.5. VisitINPS 1 Chair: Edoardo Di Porto (Università  di Napoli Federico II and INPS)
Bernardo Fanfani (Università di Torino)
The Employment Effects of Collective Bargaining
Marco Leonardi (University of Milan)
Joint with:
Marco Fregoni (University of Milan)
A map of firm mortality and job loss
Edoardo Di Porto (Università di Napoli Federico II Napoli)
Joint with:
Joanna Kopinska (CEIS Università di Roma Tor Vergata|;|Atella Vincenzo)
Impact of Early Life Stress on Long-term Labour Market Outcomes
4.1. Employment, Unemployment and Matching 2 Chair: Vincenzo Scoppa (Università  della Calabria)
Emanuele Ciani (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Guido De Blasio (Bank of Italy|;|Samuele Poy)
A Freeway to Prosperity? Evidence from Calabria, South of Italy
Tommaso Ramella (Bicocca)
The creation and resolution of working hours mismatches: the role of personality traits
Vincenzo Scoppa (Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance, University of Calabria)
Joint with:
Maria De Paola (Department of Economics|;|Rosetta Lombardo)
Public Speaking Aversion and Gender Gaps: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Valerio Intraligi (INAPP)
Joint with:
Andrea Ricci (INAPP|;|Valeria CIrillo)
Low-skill jobs and Routine tasks specialization: New insights from Italian provinces
Duncan Roth (Institute for Employment Research (IAB))
Joint with:
Gabiel Ahlfeldt (London School of Economics and Political Science|;|Tobias Seidel)
Employment-maximising minimum wages
4.2. Wages, Income Distribution and Poverty 4 Chair: Chiara Mussida (Università  Cattolica)
Joerg Heining (Institute for Employment Research (IAB))
Joint with:
Kevin Todd (University of California Berkeley/Amazon)
The Labor Market Impacts of Employer Consolidation:
Raffaele Corvino (Università di Torino)
Joint with:
Fabio Bagliano (Università di Torino|;|Carolina Fugazza)
Hedging Labor Income Risk over the Life-Cycle
Concetta Rondinelli (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Roberta Zizza (Bank of Italy)
Spending Today or Spending Tomorrow? The Role of Inflation Expectations on Consumer Behaviour
Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Joint with:
Maria Laura Parisi (Università di Brescia)
Households at risk of severe material deprivation: the cases of Italy and Spain
4.3. Institutions and Labour Market Policies 3 Chair: Giovanni Sulis (Università  di Cagliari)
Benedicta Marzinotto (University of Udine)
Joint with:
Ladislav Wintr (Central Bank of Luxembourg)
Employment protection and firm-level job reallocation: adjusting for coverage
Lucia Rizzica (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Gabriele Rovigatti (Bank of Italy|;|Giacomo Roma)
The effects of shop opening hours deregulation. Evidence from Italy
Clemente Pignatti (ILO)
Joint with:
Hannah Liepmann (ILO)
Labour Market Effects of Unemployment Benefits in Mauritius
Yingying Zhang (Lancaster University)
Social Pension and Labor Supply Responses: Evidence from the New Rural Social Pension in China
Laszlo Goerke (IAAEU - Trier University)
Joint with:
Gabriel Schultze (IAAEU - Trier University)
The IMpact of Trade Union Membership on Overtime in Germany
4.4. Education, Training and Human Capital 5 Chair: Elisa Sicuri (Universitat de Barcelona and Imperial College London)
Elisa Sicuri ()
Impact of a malaria elimination campaign on school outcomes: Evidence from Southern Mozambique
Giorgia Menta (University of Luxembourg)
The Effect of Income Changes on the Accumulation of Children’s Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Outcomes
Andrea Scagni (Università degli Studi di Torino)
University performance and dropout risk, family background and wealth: evidence from the new UNITO micro-data
Gessica Vella (University of Calabria)
Joint with:
Ordine Patrizia (University of Calabria|;|Rose Giuseppe)
Long-run consequences of Parents’ Support on schooling decisions
4.5. Health, Working Conditions and Job Satisfaction 2 Chair: Raffaella Patimo (Università  di Bari)
Sarah Zaccagni (University of Turin)
Joint with:
Marina Di Giacomo (University of Turin|;|Luca Salmasi)
The Role of Persistence in Extracting a Signal of Hospital Quality for Italian Regions
Luca Salmasi (Catholic University, Rome)
Joint with:
Marina di GIacomo (University of Torino|;|Massimiliano Piacenza)
Understanding Productivity in Maternity Wards
Raffaella Patimo (University of Bari)
Joint with:
Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Are Italian women sick of working? Insights from a simultaneous equation model
4.6. VisitINPS Chair: Lorenzo Cappellari (Università  Cattolica)
Lorenzo Cappellari (Università Cattolica Milano)
Joint with:
Paul Bingley (VIVE Copenhagen)
Workers, Firms and Life-Cycle Wage Dynamics
Vincenzo Scrutinio (London School of Economics; University of Bologna)
The Medium Term Effects of Unemployment Benefits
Antonio Martuscelli (Università LUMSA)
Globalization and wage inequality: evidence from Italian labour markets
Edoardo Di Porto (DISES Federico II Napoli)
Joint with:
Giovanni Mastrobuoni (Collegio Carlo Alberto Università Roma Tre|;|Pietro Garibaldi)
The Perverse Effect of Flexible Labor Regulation on Informality: Evidence from the Timing of Labor Inspections