35th National Conference of Labour Economics

Keynote Lecture Chair: Daniela Vuri (Università  di Roma Tor Vergata)
Claudia Olivetti (Dartmouth College - US)
Why Firms Offer Paid Parental Leave: An Exploratory Study
Policy Session
Antonio Felice Uricchio (Presidente ANVUR)
Inequality in Higher Education and the Role of ANVUR
Gianfranco Viesti (Università; degli Studi di Bari “Aldo Moro”)
Italian University Policies 2008-2020 and their Effects
Francesca Bettio (Università di Siena)
Gender Policies for Italian Academia from a Life-cycle Perspective
A.1 Gender Gap in Education and Wages Chair: Tindara Addabbo (Università  di Modena & Reggio Emilia) and Paola Tanda (ISTAT)
Maria Laura Di Tommaso (Università di Torino)
Joint with:
Contini Dalit (Università di Torino|;|De Rosa Dalila)
Tackling the Gender Gap in Math with Active Learning Teaching Practices
Ezgi Kaya (Cardiff University)
Joint with:
Melanie Jones (Cardiff University)
The UK Gender Pay Gap: Does Firm Size Matter?
Francesco Berlingieri (ZEW Mannheim)
Joint with:
Melanie Arntz (ZEW Mannheim|;|Sarra Ben Yahmed)
Working from Home: Heterogeneous Effects on Hours Worked and Wages
Tindara Addabbo (Università di Modena & Reggio Emilia)
Joint with:
Anna Person (University of Cologne|;|Carlo Tomasetto)
Gender inequalities in Education. A focus on Math and Reading in early school years in the UK
A.2 Education I Chair: Federica Origo (Università  di Bergamo)
Marco Tonello (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Federica Origo (Universita di Bergamo|;|Laura Pagani)
Last and Furious:Relative Position and School Violence
Chiara Pronzato (Università di Torino and CCA)
Joint with:
Daniela Del Boca (Università di Torino and CCA|;|Giuseppe Sorrenti)
Cash Transfer Programs and Household Labor Supply
Lucia Mangiavacchi (Università di Perugia)
Joint with:
Hugues Champeaux (CERDI|;|Francesca Marchetta)
Learning at home: home schooling resources and child development during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Marina Murat (Università di Modena e Reggio Emiliaa)
Joint with:
Luca Bonacini (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia)
Coronavirus Pandemic, Remote Learning and Education inequalities
A.3 Employment, Unemployment and Matching Chair: Giovanni Sulis (Università  di Cagliari)
Tommaso Ramella (Università Milano Bicocca)
Personality Characteristics as Resilience Factors Against Unemployment
Salvatore Lattanzio (University of Cambridge)
Sorting Robots: How Automation Shapes the Allocation of Workers Across Firms
Lukasz Arendt (University of Lodz)
Joint with:
Ewa Galecka-Burdziak (Warsaw School of Economics |;|Robert Pater)
Should you Have a Better Job with your Skills? Skills Demand and Task-based Occupations in Poland
A.4 AIEL-CC-ME joint session Chair: Enkelejda Havari (European Commission, JRC/CC-ME)
Giulia Santangelo (European Commission JRC/CC-ME)
Joint with:
Hugh Cronin (Irish Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP)|;|Antonella Ferrara)
Matching Using Sequences: the Evaluation of the Irish JobsPlus Wage Subsidy Scheme
Silvia Granato (University of Warwick and European Commission, JRC)
Joint with:
Enkelejda Havari (European Commission JRC|;|Gianluca Mazzarella)
Academic Career Effects of participating in the Erasmus Programme: Evidence from Administrative Data on Students' Applications
Andrea Geraci (European Commission - JRC)
Joint with:
Marco Colagrossi (European Commission - JRC|;|Gianluca Mazzarella)
A Babel of Web-Searches: Googling Unemployment During the Pandemic
Sylke V. Schnepf (European Commission)
Joint with:
Beatrice d'Hombres (European Commission)
International Mobility of Students in Italy and the UK: Does It Pay off and for Whom?
A.5 Migrations, Globalisation and the Labour Market Chair: Daniela Vuri (Università  di Roma Tor Vergata)
Daniela Vuri (Università di Roma Tor Vergata)
Joint with:
Carlo Ciccarelli (Università di Roma Tor Vergata|;|Alberto Dalmazzo)
Home Sweet Home: the Effect of Sugar Protectionism on Emigration in Italy, 1876-1913
Elena Grinza (Politecnico di Torino)
Joint with:
Alessandra Colombelli (Politecnico di Torino|;|Valentina Meliciani)
Pulling Effects in Migrant Entrepreneurship: Does Gender Matter?
Davide Fiaschi (Università di Pisa)
Joint with:
Cristina Tealdi (Heriot-Watt University)
Winners and Losers of Immigration
Nicolas Apfel (University of Regensburg)
Joint with:
Xiaoran Liang (University of Bristol)
Estimating the Dynamic Effects of Immigration - Machine-Learning Based IV Selection via Clustering
B.1 Education II Chair: Massimiliano Bratti (Università  di Milano)
Silvia Griselda (University of Melbourne)
Different Questions, Different Gender Gap: Can the Format of Questions Explain the Gender Gap in Mathematics?
Marco De Benedetto (Universita della Calabria)
Joint with:
Marco Bertoni (Università di Padova|;|Giorgio Brunello)
Does Monitoring Deter Future Cheating? The Case of External Examiners in Italian Schools
Mariagrazia Cavallo (University of Bristol)
Joint with:
Antonio Abatemarco (Università di Salerno|;|Immacolata Marino)
Age Effects in Primary Education: A Double Disadvantage for Second Generations
Marinella Boccia (Università di Salerno)
Joint with:
Adalgiso Amendola (Università di Salerno|;|Alessandra Amendola)
Value Added In Italian Primary School. An Econometric Approach
B.2 Personnel/Institutions and Labour Market Policies I Chair: Federica Origo (Universita di Bergamo)
Daniele Biancardi (Università di Bergamo)
Joint with:
Claudio Lucifora (Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore|;|Federica Origo)
The Impact of Short-term Work on Firm-level Outcomes: the Role of Industrial Relations
Federica Origo (Universita di Bergamo)
Joint with:
Claudio Lucifora (Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore)
Rigid yet Resilient: Firms’ Margins of Adjustment to Demand Shocks in Regulated Labour Markets
Sergio Destefanis (Università di Salerno)
Joint with:
Matteo Fragetta (Università di Salerno|;|Nazzareno Ruggiero)
Active and Passive Labour-Market Policies: The Outlook from the Beveridge Curve
Laszlo Goerke (IAAEU - Trier University)
Trade Unions and Corporate Social Responsibility
B.3 Gender, Family and Demographic Economics I Chair: Fernanda Mazzotta (Università  di Salerno)
Piera Bello (Università della Svizzera italiana)
Gender Price Discrimination in the Annuity Market: Evidence from Chile
Max Brés (European University Institute)
Joint with:
Daniele Angelini (European University Institute)
Age Composition of the Demand and the Secular Stagnation
Fernanda Mazzotta (Università di Salerno)
Joint with:
Sergio Destefanis (Università di Salerno|;|Lavinia Parisi)
Is it the Goldin Hypothesis the Last Chapter to Explain the Italian Gender Pay Gap?
B.4 AIEL-VISITINPS joint session Chair: Paolo Naticchioni (Università  di Roma Tre e INPS)
Alessandra Fenizia (George Washington University)
Joint with:
Raffaele Saggio (University of British Columbia)
Can the Piovra’s Tentacles Be Severed? The Economic Effects of the Removal of City Councils Infiltrated by the Mafia
Cristina Tealdi (Heriot-Watt University)
Joint with:
Edoardo Di Porto (INPS)
Heterogeneous Paths to Stability
Salvatore Lattanzio (University of Cambridge)
Joint with:
Long Hong (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Understanding Wage Growth: the Role of Coworkers
Vincenzo Scrutinio (Università di Bologna)
Joint with:
Anna d'Ambrosio (Politecnico di Torino)
For a Few Euros More: An RDD Analysis of Unemployment Benefits Generosity
B.5 AIEL-SITES/IDEAS joint session Chair: Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo (Università  di Roma Tor Vergata)
Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo (Università di Roma Tor Vergata)
Joint with:
Odin Knudsen (Stanford University)
The New Normalcy under a Pandemic: A Real Options Approach
Valentina Costa (World Bank)
Joint with:
Sam Desiere (HIVA Research Institute for Work and Society University of Leuven Belgium)
Employment Data in Household Surveys: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead
Stefano Maiolo (Università di Roma Tor Vergata)
The Effectiveness of Public Investment in Italy
C.1 Policies impact on gender equality and behaviours Chair: Luigi Guiso (EIEF)
Luigi Guiso (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF))
Joint with:
Luana Zaccaria (EIEF)
From Patriarchy to Partnership: Gender Equality and Household Finance
Gabriella Berloffa (Università di Trento)
Joint with:
Eleonora Matteazzi (Università di Verona and EconomiX-CNRS|;|Alina Sandor)
Mothers’ and Daughters’ Employment in Europe. A Comparative Analysis
Enrica Maria Martino (CHILD - Collegio Carlo Alberto)
Joint with:
Michela Giorcelli (UCLA|;|Nicola Bianchi)
The Effects of Fiscal Decentralization on Publicly Provided Services and Labor Markets
Caterina Muratori (Università di Torino)
The Impact of Abortion Access on Women's Agency: the Case of Texas
C.2 Education III Chair: Matteo Picchio (Università  Politecnica delle Marche)
Matteo Picchio (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Joint with:
Stjin Baert (Ghent University)
A Signal of (Train)ability? Grade Retention and Hiring Chances
Lorenzo Cappellari (Università Cattolica Milano)
Joint with:
Paul Bingley (Danish Center for Social Science Research (VIVE)|;|Konstantinos Tatsiramos)
Parental Assortative Mating and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital
Lorenzo Neri (St Andrews)
Moving Opportunities: The Impact of Public Housing Regenerations on Student Achievement
Francesca Sgobbi (Università di Brescia)
High-Involvement Work Systems and Training Opportunities for Younger Highly Educated Employees
C.3. Personnel/Institutions and Labor Market Policies II Chair: Daniela Sonedda (Università  del Piemonte Orientale)
Daniela Sonedda (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
Guess who's There: Employment Protection Legislation and the Degree of Substitutability Between Labour Contracts
Clemente Pignatti (ILO and University of Geneva)
Compliance with Labour Legislation in Informal Labour Markets
Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano (University of Alicante and IZA)
Joint with:
Julián Messina (IADB|;|Anastasia Terskaya)
Gender Asymmetries in Peer Effects at the Workplace
Roberto Iorio (University of Salerno)
Joint with:
MAria Luigia Segnana (University of Trento)
Corruption, institutional quality and innovation: firms’ heterogeneous reactions in emerging countries.
C.4 Health and Global Pandemia\'s effects in LM Chair: Claudio Lucifora (Università  Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Ylenia Brilli (Università di Verona)
Joint with:
Marco Tonello (Bank of Italy|;|Claudio Lucifora)
Influenza Vaccination Behavior and Media Reporting of Adverse Events
Sergio Scicchitano (INAPP)
Joint with:
Teresa Barbieri (INAPP|;|Gaetano Basso)
Italian Workers at Risk During the Covid-19 Epidemic
Giulia Parola (Munich Business School, and Universität der Bundeswehr München)
Escape from Parents' Basement? Post COVID-19 Scenarios for the Future of Youth Employment in Italy
Alessandro Palma (Gran Sasso Science Institute & CEIS Tor Vergata)
Joint with:
Domenico Depalo (Bank of Italy|;|Claudia Persico)
Work Accidents and Air Pollution
D.1 Education IV Chair: Carmen Aina (Università  del Piemonte Orientale)
Irene Brunetti (INAPP)
Joint with:
Valeria Cirillo (Università di Bari|;|Valentina Ferri)
Higher Educated, Lower Paid: The Fxed-term Wage Penalty Within Highly Educated Workers in Italy
Carmen Aina (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
Joint with:
Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore|;|Gabriele Lombardi)
Are Business and Economics Alike?
Marcin Wronski (Collegium of World Economy, SGH Warsaw School of Economics)
Intergenerational Educational Mobility in Poland since 1920. Education as a Positional Good
Marco Ovidi (Queen Mary University of London)
Do Parents Know Better? Parental Choice and Students Achievement in London Primary Schools
D.2 Gender, Family and Demographic Economics 2 Chair: Fernanda Mazzotta (Università  di Salerno)
Luca Piccoli (Università di Trento)
Joint with:
Lucia Mangiavacchi (Università di Perugia|;|Luca Pieroni)
Fathers Matter: Intra-household Responsibilities and Children's Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Lockdown in Italy
Ludovica Giua (European Commission)
Joint with:
Marco Colagrossi (European Commission|;|Claudio Deiana)
Hang Up on Stereotypes: Domestic Violence and Anti-Abuse Helpline Campaign
Sven Hartmann (IAAEU - Trier University)
Television and Gender Stereotypes
Roberto Nisticò (Università di Napoli Federico II, CSEF and IZA)
Joint with:
Maria De Paola (Università della Calabria|;|Vincenzo Scoppa)
Fertility Decisions and Employment Protection: The Unintended Consequences of the Italian Jobs Act
D.3 Wages, Income Distribution and Poverty Chair: Giovanni Sulis (Università  di Cagliari)
Marco Guerrazzi (Università di Genova)
Wage Bargaining as an Optimal Control Problem: A Dynamic Version of the Efficient Bargaining Model
Maria Laura Parisi (Università di Brescia)
Joint with:
Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore|;|Nicola Pontarollo)
Material Deprivation in Spain and the Role of European Structural Funds
Stanislaw Cichocki (University of Warsaw)
Joint with:
Josip Franic (Institute for Public Finance)
Envelope Wages as a New Normal? An Insight into a Pool of Prospective Quasi-formal Workers in the EU
Angel Arcos-Vargas (Universidad de Sevilla)
Joint with:
Fernando Nuñez (Universidad de Sevilla|;|Pablo Alvarez De Toledo Saavedra)
On Directors' Compensation: A Multi-level Analysis of Spanish Listed Companies
D.4 Health, Working Conditions and Job Satisfaction Chair: Massimiliano Bratti (Università  di Milano)
Andrea Piano Mortari (CEIS Tor Vergata)
Joint with:
Vincenzo Atella (Università di Roma Tor Vergata|;|Federico Belotti)
Health Status and the Great Recession. Evidence from Italian Electronic Clinical Records
Paolo Ghinetti (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
Joint with:
Massimiliano Bratti (Università di Milano|;|Elena Cottini)
The Health Benefits of Education: Evidence from Higher Education Expansion
Silvia Pasqua (Università di Torino)
Joint with:
Marianna Filandri (Università di Torino|;|Francesca Tomatis)
‘Bread for all, and Roses, too’: satisfaction for job stability and wage among Italian young workers
Irene Simonetti (Università di Venezia )
Prolonged (sickness) Absence and Job-duration: Evidence from Severe Health Shocks
D.5 Women in Academia Chair: Paola Villa (Università  di Trento)
Danula Gamage (Queen Mary University of London)
Joint with:
Almudena Sevilla (UCL|;|Sarah Smith)
Women in economics: A UK Perspective
Vincenzo Scoppa (Università della Calabria)
Joint with:
Maria De Paola (Università della Calabria|;|Roberto Nisticò)
Academic Careers and Fertility Decisions
Elisa Faraglia (University of Cambridge)
Joint with:
Noriko Amano-Patino (University of Cambridge|;|Chryssi Giannitsarou)
The Unequal Effects of COVID-19 on Economists' Research Productivity