36th National Conference of Labour Economics

Keynote Lecture Chair: Daniela Vuri (Università  di Roma Tor Vergata)
Daniela Del Boca (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
The Division of Paid and Unpaid Labor Within the Household Before and During Covid-19
Policy Session Chair: Giovanni Sulis (Università  di Cagliari)
Magda Bianco (Banca d’Italia)
Financial Education: A Policy to Enhance Inclusion
Marco Leonardi (Università di Milano)
How Microeconomic Evidence can Support the PNRR
A1. Employment, Unemployment and Matching I Chair: Roberto Nisticà (Università  di Napoli Federico II)
Hugo de Almeida Vilares (London School of Economics)
The Last Dance? Credit Cycles and Labour Market Adjustments throughout Downturns
Nicola Rubino (University of Huelva)
Joint with:
Emilio Congregado (University of Huelva|;|David Troncoso)
Evaluating the long-term impacts of economic or policy shocks among necessity and opportunity entrepreneurs
Pablo Casas (University of Huelva)
Joint with:
Concepción Román ()
Early retired or automatized? Evidence from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe
Roberto Nisticò (University of Naples Federico II)
Joint with:
Ali Moghaddasi Kelishomi (Loughborough University)
Employment effects of economic sanctions
Davide Fiaschi (Università di Pisa)
Joint with:
Cristina Tealdi (Heriot-Watt University)
A general methodology to measure labour market dynamics
A2. Health, Working Conditions and Job Satisfaction I Chair: Vincenzo Scoppa (Università  della Calabria)
Ilya Espino (UFMG)
Joint with:
Ana Hemerto (UFMG |;|Luciana Luz)
Gender occupational intensity and wages in the Northern Triangle of Central America
Claudia Vittori (INAPP)
Joint with:
Stefano Dughera (Università di Torino|;|Francesco Quatraro)
For the Rest of our Lives: Flexibility and Innovation in Italy
Sergio Scicchitano (INAPP)
Joint with:
Francesco Carbonero (Università di Torino)
Labour and Technology at the Time of Covid-19. Can Artificial Intelligence Mitigate the Need for Proximity?
Juliana Milovich (OPHI)
Joint with:
Elena Villar (Università Cattolica)
It Takes a Village to Raise a Child. Evaluation of a Community-Based Health Program on Children's Nutritional Outcomes in West Guatemala.
Vincenzo Scoppa (Università della Calabria)
Joint with:
Michela Ponzo (Università della Calabria)
Human Capital Investments and Family Size in Italy: Estimates using Twin Births’ Instrument
A3. Visitinps and Administrative data I Chair: Paolo Ghinetti (Università  del Piemonte Orientale)
Vincenzo Scrutinio (Unibo, CEP, IZA)
Joint with:
Francesco Manaresi (OECD; Bank of Italy|;|Alessandro Palma)
Export Management and Labor Demand. Evidence from a Policy Experiment
Paolo Naticchioni (Univ. Roma Tre, INPS)
Joint with:
Claudio Lucifora (Univ. Cattolina|;|Daria Vigani)
Labour Market Concentration and Collective Wage Bargaining
Gaetano Basso (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Francesco Manaresi (Oecd|;|Emanuele Ciani)
Short-time Working Schemes, Replacement Ratesand Labour Reallocation
Silvio Traverso (University of Genoa)
Joint with:
Andrea Fracasso (University of Trento|;|Mauro Caselli)
Stop worrying and love the robot: An activity-based approach to assess the impact of robotization on employment dynamics
Paolo Ghinetti (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
Joint with:
Daniela Sonedda (Università del Piemonte Orientale|;|Giorgia Casalone)
To whom it May Concern: the Value of Auditing Grade Assessment on Educational and Labour Market Outcomes
A4. Gender, Family and Demographic Economics I Chair: Fernanda Mazzotta (Università  di Salerno)
Silvia Del Prete (Banca d'Italia)
Joint with:
Giulio Papini (Banca d'Italia|;|Marco Tonello)
Gender quotas, board diversity and spillover effects. Evidence from Italian banks
Lavinia Parisi (Università di Salerno)
Joint with:
Fernanda Mazzotta (Università di Salerno|;|Anna Papaccio)
Gender Differences in Pay Fairness Perception and the Wage Gap
Eleonora Priori (University of Turin)
Joint with:
Marianna Filandri (University of Turin|;|Silvia Pasqua)
Breaking through the glass ceiling in academia: A model simulating more positions available and gender quotas
Maria Petrillo (University of Sheffield)
The impact of human capital depreciation on mothers’ and fathers’ wages
Joanna Tyrowicz (FAME | GRAPE, University of Warsaw, IZA)
Joint with:
Lucas van der Velde (FAME)
Statistical gender discrimination: evidence from young workers across four decades and 56 countries
A5. Institutions and Labour Market Policies I Chair: Federica Origo (Universita di Bergamo)
Matteo Sartori (CEMFI)
Joint with:
Marco Guido Palladino (Sciences Po)
Dignity by Decree? The Occupational Effects of Temporary Jobs Regulation in Italy
Irene Brunetti (INAPP)
Joint with:
Andrea Ricci (INAPP)
Evaluating the Youth Guarantee and Firms’ behaviour: Evidence from employer-employee data
Andrea Garnero (European Commission, JRC)
Joint with:
Cyprien Batut (Paris School of Economics and Direction Generale du Tresor|;|Alessandro Tondini)
The Employment Effects of Working Time Reductions in Europe
Mattia Filomena (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Joint with:
Matteo Picchio (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Are temporary jobs stepping stones or dead ends? A meta-analytical review of the literature
Daniele Biancardi (Università di Torino)
Joint with:
Claudio Lucifora (Università Cattolica|;|Federica Origo)
Short-time work and unionisation
B1. Health, Working Conditions and Job Satisfaction II Chair: Matteo Picchio (Università  Politecnica delle Marche)
Elvisa Drishti (University of Shkodra)
Joint with:
Fiona Carmichael (University of Birmingham)
Dead-end Jobs or Steppingstones? Precarious Work in Albania
Victor Montuenga (Associate Professor)
Joint with:
Inmaculada Garcia (Universidad Zaragiza)
Risk self-perception among Spanish male employees
Irene Simonetti (Università di Venezia )
Severe Health Shocks and Disability Take-Up in Italy: Targeting and Timing
Matteo Picchio (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Joint with:
Mattia Filomena (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Retirement and health outcomes in a meta-analytical framework
Tommaso Ramella (Bicocca)
B2. Education, Training and Human Capital I Chair: Mara Grasseni (Università  di Bergamo)
Chiara Binelli (Università di Bologna and CeRSP)
Joint with:
Simona Comi (Università Bicocca|;|Elena Meschi)
The COVID-19 Pandemic and University Students’ Outcomes: Evidence from Italy
Simona Comi (Università di Milano Bicocca)
Joint with:
Mara Grasseni (Università di Bergamo|;|Federica Origo)
Sometimes it Works! The Effect of a Reform of the Short Vocational Track on School-to-work Transition
Marinella Boccia (Università di Salerno)
Joint with:
Adalgiso Amendola (Università di Salerno|;|Alessandra Amendola)
School Value Added in Italy: evidence from a Primary education level employing different measures.
Francesca Gioia (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Joint with:
Maria De Paola (Università della Calabria|;|Vincenzo Scoppa)
The Impact of Online Teaching on Students’ Achievement: Evidence from COVID-19 Induced Remote Learning
Caterina Muratori (Università di Torino and University of Reading)
Joint with:
Maria Laura Di Tommaso (Università di Torino|;|Dalit Contini)
The Covid-19 pandemic and school closure: learning loss in mathematics in primary education
B3. Migrations, Globalization and the Labour Market I Chair: Ludovica Giua (European Commission)
Gabriella Berloffa (University of Trento)
Joint with:
Clementina Crocé (University of Trento)
Mother’s Bargaining Power and Offspring’s Migration
Mustafa Coban (Institute for Employment Research (IAB))
More Immigrants, Less Solidarity? Immigration, Perception of Immigrants, and Support for Redistribution in Europe
Fabrizio Colella (University of Lausanne)
The Effect of Trade on Skill Requirements: Evidence from Job Postings
Daria Vigani (Università Cattolica di Milano)
Joint with:
Elena Cottini (|;|Claudio Lucifora)
Children Use of Emergency Care: Differences Between Natives and Migrants in Italy
Ludovica Giua (European Commission)
Joint with:
Claudio Deiana (University of Cagliari|;|Roberto Nisticò)
Getting Off on the Wrong Foot: The Long-Term Effects of Missing a Large-Scale Amnesty for Immigrant Workers
B4. Institutions and Labor Market Policies II Chair: Sergio Destefanis (Università  di Salerno)
Maria Laura Parisi (Università di Brescia)
Joint with:
Luciana Guaglianone (Università di Brescia)
Smartworking: a theory of double workload
Filippo Passerini (Catholic University of Milano)
Joint with:
Fabio Berton (University of Torino|;|Lia Pacelli)
Employment protection, workforce mix and firm performance
Joachim Wolff (Insitute for Employment Research)
Joint with:
Daniel Goller (University of St. Gallen|;|Tamara Harrer)
Active Labour Market Policies for the Long-Term Unemployed: New Evidence from Causal Machine Learning
Gabriele Palomba (Sapienza University of Rome)
Joint with:
Michele Raitano (Sapienza University of Roe)
Earnings Gaps Between Regulated and Unregulated Workers Along the Distribution: Evidence from Italy
Sergio Destefanis (University of Salerno)
Joint with:
Naqeeb Ur Rehman (Westminster International University in Tashkent)
The Employment Impact of Different Forms of Investment Expenditure across European NUTS2 Regions
C1. Gender, Family and Demographic Economics II Chair: Giorgio Brunello (Università  di Padova)
Elena Grinza (Politecnico di Torino)
Joint with:
Francesco Devicienti (University of Turin|;|Mariacristina Rossi)
How Entry into Parenthood Shapes Gender Role Attitudes: New Evidence from Longitudinal UK data
Giorgio Brunello (Università di Padova)
Joint with:
Eiji Yamamura (Seinan Gakuin Fukuoka)
With a Little Help from my Mother
Lucia Schiavon (Università di Torino)
Joint with:
Daniela Del Boca (Collegio Carlo Alberto|;|Chiara Pronzato)
How Parents' skills affect their time-use with children? Evidence from an RCT experiment in Italy
Riccardo Marchingiglio (Analysis Group)
Joint with:
Michael Poyker (University of Nottingham)
The Economics of Gender-Specific Minimum-Wage Legislation
Raffaella Patimo (Università di Bari)
Joint with:
Letizia Mencarini (Università L. Bocconi|;|Maria Letizia Tanturri)
C2. Education, Training and Human Capital II Chair: Lorenzo Neri (University of St Andrews)
Simone Chinetti (University of Salerno and University of Naples Federico II)
Later life human capital investment: Evidence from the unintended effects of a pension reform
Daniel Borbely (University of Dundee)
Joint with:
Agnese Romiti (University of Strathclyde|;|Jonathan Norris)
Peer Gender and Schooling: Evidence from Ethiopia
Lorenzo Neri (University of St Andrews)
Joint with:
Elisabetta Pasini (Alma Economics|;|Olmo Silva)
The Organizational Economics of School Chains
Laura Pagani (Università Bicocca)
Joint with:
Giovanni Pica (Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) CSEF Centro Luca D'Agliano Paolo Baffi Centre)
A peer like me? Early exposure to high achievers in math and later educational outcomes
Teresa Randazzo (University of Venice Ca' Foscari)
Joint with:
Matloob Piracha (University of Kent)
Ethnic identity and educational aspirations
C3. Institutions and Labor Market Policies III Chair: Giovanni Sulis (Università  di Cagliari)
Stefano Dughera (Unverisità degli Studi di Torino)
Joint with:
Fabio Berton (Unverisità degli Studi di Torino|;|Andrea Ricci)
Are unions detrimental to innovation? Theory and evidence
Laszlo Goerke ( IAAEU - Trier University)
Joint with:
Nora Paulus (IAAEU - Trier University)
Collective Bargaining about Corporate Social Responsibility
Elena Villar (Università Cattolica)
Joint with:
Tommaso Colussi (Università Cattolica|;|Matteo Romagnoli)
The Effects of Pay-As-You-Throw Schemes on Economic, Political and Behavioural Outcomes. Evidence from Italian Municipalities.
Giovanni Sulis (Università di Cagliari)
Joint with:
Gabriele Cardullo (Università di Genova|;|Maurizio Conti)
On the Emergence of Cooperative Industrial Relations
C4. VisitINPS and administrative data II Chair: Paolo Naticchioni (Università  di Roma Tre and INPS)
Matteo Paradisi (EIEF)
Joint with:
Nicola Bianchi (Northwestern - Kellogg School of Management)
Countries for Old Men: An Analysis of the Age Wage Gap
Alessandra Fenizia (George Washington University)
Joint with:
Luca Citino (Bank of Italy)
Are subsidies to apprenticeships a bad deal? Evidence from a recent Italian reform
Francesco Bloise (University of Roma Tre)
Joint with:
Paolo Naticchioni (INPS|;|Michele Raitano)
Labour market concentration and within-firm inequality: first evidence from firm-level longitudinal data
Valeria Zurla (Brown University)
How Should We Design Parental Leave Policies? Evidence from Two Reforms in Italy
Aiday Sikhova (The Ohio State University)
Joint with:
Sven Oskarsson (Uppsala University|;|Rafael Ahlskog)
Do Parents Propagate Income Inequality among Children? Evidence from Chinese and Swedish Twins
D1. Wages, Income Distribution and Poverty Chair: Carmen Aina (Università  del Piemonte Orientale)
Gaetano Lisi (e-Campus University)
Homeownership and regional growth
Carmen Aina (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
Joint with:
Chiara Mussida (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore|;|Irene Brunetti)
Who lost the most? Distributive effects of COVID-19 pandemic
Marco Guerrazzi (Università di Genova)
Joint with:
Pier Giuseppe Giribone (Università di Genova)
The Dynamics of Working Hours and Wages Under Implicit Contracts
Teresa Barbieri (Sapienza)
Joint with:
Francesco Bloise (Sapienza|;|Michele Raitano)
From Baby Boomers to X Generation: the evolution of intergenerational mobility in Italy
Giovanni Gallo (Sapienza University of Rome)
Joint with:
Silvia Granato (European Commission|;|Michele Raitano)
Heterogeneous income effects of the Covid-19 on Italian workers: the role played by jobs routinization and teleworkability
D2. Migrations, Globalization and the Labour Market II Chair: Fabio Berton (Università  di Torino)
Giacomo Boffi (Leiden University)
Temporary Employment of First-Generation Migrants in the Netherlands
Satyaki Dasgupta (Colorado State University)
Labour Market Segmentation and Surplus Extraction: The Indian Case
Ignat Stepanok (Institute for Employment Research)
Joint with:
Lucas Guichard (LISER)
International Trade, Intellectual Property Rights and the (Un)employment of migrants
Fabio Berton (University of Turin)
Joint with:
Chiara Ardito (University of Turin|;|Sara Origlia)
Strangers in the night. Should we really be scared by migrant workers?
Marli Fernandes (Nova School of Business and Economics)
The effects of personality on the native-migrant wage gap
D3. Gender, Family and Demographic Economics III Chair: Salvatore Lattanzio (University of Cambridge)
Salvatore Lattanzio (University of Cambridge)
Joint with:
Alessandra Casarico (Bocconi University)
Behind the Child Penalty: Understanding What Contributes to the Labour Market Costs of Motherhood
Sven Hartmann (IAAEU - Trier University)
Joint with:
Marc Oliver Rieger (Trier University|;|Lars Hornuf)
Can Television Reduce Xenophobia? The Case of East Germany
Francesca Gioia (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Joint with:
Francesca Arnaboldi (Università degli Studi di Milano|;|Elena Beccalli)
Is it a boy or a girl? Newborn gender and household portfolio decisions
Marco Ovidi (Universitá Cattolica)
Joint with:
Elisa Facchetti (Queen Mary University of London|;|Lorenzo Neri)
Should you Meet The Parents? The value of parental and children experience for school choice
Isabella Giorgetti (European Commission)
Joint with:
Giulia Bettin (Università Politecnica delle Marche|;|Stefano Staffolani)
The Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on the Gender Gap in the Italian Labour Market
D4. Institutions and Labor Market Policies IV Chair: Sauro Mocetti (Banca d\'Italia)
Joanna Felczak (Warsaw School of Economics)
Joint with:
Ewa Galecka-Burdziak (Warsaw School of Economics|;|Marek Góra)
Do older female previous prisoners participate in the labour market?
Sauro Mocetti (Bank of Italy)
Joint with:
Audinga Baltrunaite (Bank of Italy|;|Mario Cannella)
Board composition and performance of State-Owned Enterprises: Quasi-experimental evidence
Karolin Hiesinger (Institute for Employment Research)
Cost of Inclusion? - Intended and Non-intended Effects of the Employment Quota for Disabled Workers
Stefania Basiglio (University of Turin)
Joint with:
Daniela Del Boca (Collegio Carlo Alberto|;|Chiara Pronzato)
The Impact of a Integrated Program on Households’ Welfare
Elisa Facchetti (Queen Mary University of London)
Police Infrastructure, Police Performance and Crime: Evidence from Austerity Cuts